The world’s fastest charging from the OPPO will be faster

Undoubtedly, the fastest technology to charge your mobile devices at the moment is SuperVOOC from the company OPPO. As we know, now Chinese company engaged in the production of supersonic super-fast charger for cars, which also use the achievements of technology SuperVOOC, but, as it became known recently, the technology will not be used in the upcoming smartphone from the brand Reno, which is a new sub-brand OPPO. Instead, Reno will have the latest technology VOOC 3.0.

Just yesterday the Vice-President of OPPO in his post to a known resource Weibo confirmed that the anticipated smartphone from Reno will be using the new technology VOOC 3.0, explaining why Reno can’t use technology SuperVOOC. According to him, SuperVOOC places special demands on the physical dimensions of the battery and the size of the components of the smartphone, a new smartphone from Reno apparently does not meet these requirements – it will feature a larger battery, but the thin and compact body, which means high component density in its body and the corresponding danger in use of technology SuperVOOC.

So, as I mentioned above, in the first mobile Reno will use a brand new fast charging technology VOOC 3.0, which increases the total charging time is 23.8% compared to the current technology VOOC 2.0. Fast charging technology VOOC is based on an algorithm of pulses of low voltage and special battery developed by the company. This new technology produces 20 watts of power is exactly the same as the OnePlus Dash Charge, and allows you to charge your smartphone from 0 to 75% in just 30 minutes.

In my opinion, the great attention of the industry to the company OPPO has always been focused due to its development direction of mobile charges. The company first unveiled its technology VOOC Flash Charge, which it used in its own smartphones. Then, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) IN 2016, OPPO has raised the bar even higher, introducing the Super VOOC Flash Charge. However, the latter has found application only in the smartphone Find X Lamborghini, which was presented last year.

It is noteworthy that Find X Lamborghini had the battery on 3400 mAh battery, while Reno is rumored to be the battery 4064 mAh. Super VOOC can charge the battery capacity of 2500 mAh in just 15 minutes or up to 45% in 5 minutes. It is very fast and therefore, perhaps, a company focusing on security does not use the technology in Reno, because it is not suitable for large batteries. We are waiting for a new charger from OPPO and hope that VOOC 3.0 will be able to give us really fast charging, which will not concede SuperVOOC.

As you are technology from OPPO?

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