The world of technical visits Huawei headquarters in China with a delegation of media-SAR for the innovations and solutions closely

عالم التقنية يزور مقر هواوي في الصين مع وفد إعلامي سعودي للتعرف على ابتكاراتها وحلولها عن كثب

Fought the site of the world of the technical with the delegation of the media-a Saudi experience of visiting the headquarters of Huawei key in Shenzen, China, as part of a tour aimed for a close-up on the highlights of technology innovations and solutions in a number of areas; the most important networks of the fifth generation, artificial intelligence techniques, cloud computing that is expected to help in changing the form of business institutions and individuals with the digital world is full of diversity.

The visit comes after the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman to China and adopting Chinese language in the areas of Education, Saudi Arabia, to increase the chances of transfer of culture and knowledge.

The visit included field trips to various sections of the headquarters of the Chinese company, the delegation discussed the Saudi journalist with the managers and experts of the company the vital role they can play by their modern, especially advancing digital transformation in the kingdom. As well as the great efforts made by the kingdom in the field of building a sustainable economy based on knowledge in line with the Vision 2030. It also enables delegation of the media get a chance to visit the labs of Huawei, centres its research cutting-edge to discuss the role of future technologies in the development of various industries in the kingdom.

Briefed the Saudi delegation on the vision of Huawei including with respect to building techniques of the fifth generation and development, where the most important pioneers of this technique in the world. It has started since 2009 to invest in the council with the funding reached US $ 600 million. Already the company has established 11 centres for research in the techniques of the fifth generation around the world, and collaborated with more than 30 telecommunications company with the objective of developing the technical. As the company opened laboratories Huawei Wireless exploration (Wireless X Labs) research in the application prospects of the fifth generation. And the company was able to achieve tremendous success in this area with the recent announcement of its shipment of 40,000 major terminal networks of the fifth generation with the telecommunications companies that cooperated with them around the world.

This comes in line with keenness of the kingdom on the sports networks of the fifth generation, has confirmed the minister of communications and Information Technology, engineer Abdullah bin Aamir to market his, during a speech recently: “the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the leading countries in the launch of the network of the fifth generation after its success in the launch of the first live sites for the first time at the level of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, which reflects the great development achieved by the ICT sector to support the process of digital transformation desired in the kingdom.” He explained that the kingdom is tracking towards commercial operation to serve the fifth generation during the current year 2019, and looks forward to be the first in the region trendsetter activate this technique through the implementation of several initiatives that mean to provide the network of the fifth generation, to take advantage of their earnings and open the floodgates as many of the advanced technologies that depend on it such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, robotics, smart cities, and other future technologies modern. As expected meanings that contribute to the network of the fifth generation by 2030 in the infusion of more than $ 8 billion as revenue in the telecommunications market, and more than $ 19 million in GDP, create about 20 thousand new jobs in the area of communications and Information Technology. It is also expected to contribute to the network of the fifth generation in support of the 45 million new device from the devices the Internet of things, creating a market in excess of $ 12 million by the year 2030.

Commented Dennis Zhang, CEO of Huawei Saudi Arabia on the visit of the media delegation of the headquarters of his company Main in China, said: “We are delighted to hosted a media delegation of the kingdom in China because we see in the media an important partner on a level to highlight the important role undertaken by the communications industry and Information Technology in the field of economic and social development, where our in ‘Huawei’ our best efforts to contribute in the establishment of ecosystem mass and digital UK in line with government objectives contained in the control program of the National 2020 Vision, Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. We would like to thank the Saudi delegation for accepting our invitation to visit our headquarters, giving us the opportunity to be the first to see the latest solutions and technologies offered by the company currently and in driving the digital control which is considered today one of the most important trends that will contribute to the achievement of the development goals in the kingdom over the coming years”.

Completed Dennis: “we at Huawei our best efforts to serve the digitization of the most important industries and sectors in the Kingdom, and on the introduction of improvements and innovations continuously at every stage of the digital transformation taking advantage of our understanding of the depth of the needs of the customers that we have gained from our more than 170 countries around the world, investing enormous pumped by the company in the field of research and development services to provide more innovations were produced until the day the patent exceeded 74 thousand patents registered has been placed in the service of humanity. We will continue to work to launch digital platforms and an open, flexible and secure collaboration with our partners to establish the ecosystem of inclusive, sustainable and based on cooperation and shared success that we can build a kingdom of intelligent digital linking them to a world more balanced and intelligent”.

The delegation was able to Saudi to meet experts of Huawei and their discussion about artificial intelligence techniques, which is considered a new revolution in the digital world will be of the most important columns to pay more innovations in different sectors. Unlike the mainstream, the Chinese company is available to help artificial intelligence create more jobs, but with proper planning to take advantage of and compensation for traditional functions that will contribute to misalignment.

He described the Saudi delegation during the course of his visit to the center, Huawei training known as the “University Huawei” and the facilities the place the training, where many employees of government bodies around the world as well as students of various telecom enterprises and universities. And Huawei it played an active role in developing the ecosystem for local talent in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by launching a number of initiatives and implemented over the past years. And in her statement, “such initiatives aim to equip the future generation with skills to lead the development of the ICT sector in Saudi Arabia, Huawei in collaboration with governmental bodies, Saudi universities and institutions and partners to work on the talents and raising the efficiency and expertise of a generation of Saudi youth and promising in the field of Information Technology and communications to equip them to lead the digital transformation process and contribute to an active role in achieving the vision, Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. This is what encouraged the “Huawei” on the implementation of the strategy of Ecosystem Development overall talent development in information and Communication Technology in the kingdom the launch of the first initiatives is the program ” step”, which targets the training and development of Saudi talent and hone their skills and enable them to work on building a society SAR more balanced memories. Initiatives include a “step” four programs of the program “future leaders” and”academies Huawei” and the program “seeds for the future” and”a contest of information and Communication Technology” in collaboration with universities and colleges in the kingdom.”

Huawei has teamed up with the Telecommunications Authority and information technology for the fourth consecutive year on the launch of the program “seeds for the future” in the kingdom, where she contributed to this year’s edition of the program in attracting numerous projects of different universities and choose the most prominent universities who possess the appropriate qualifications. Has had winners the opportunity to travel to the global headquarters of Huawei, where he had the students with the opportunity to field training and gain experience under the supervision and intensive follow up by the most important executives in the company. Since the launch of the program in 2015 benefited from 71 students in Saudi Arabia created their courses of the intensive training and advanced at the company’s headquarters in China.

The company has also initiated the “quiz Huawei ICT” which came within a close cooperation between the Ministry of communications and Information Technology Saudi Arabia, and the contest with the contribution of the school of communication and Information University King Saud University Imam Muhammad Bin Saud General Organization for technical and vocational training besides the University of Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman, the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia. And more than 1900 students in this competition which provided the opportunity to participate for more than 30 universities in various parts of Saudi Arabia. In the end, managed 6 students from 6 universities and colleges in different access to the playoffs final the world.

Besides, the Ministry of communications and Information Technology in partnership with Huawei has under its to announce the launch of the first laboratory to offer “Internet of things” in Saudi Arabia and the financing of us $ one billion to empower Saudi entrepreneurs. The announcement of this partnership after the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Huawei and the ministry with the aim of providing the kingdom a variety of training programs over the next three years. As part of this memorandum of understanding, will 1500 Saudi students in training programs launched by the “Huawei” from 2018 until 2020 to implement their skills in information and Communication Technology.

Recall that Huawei has opened its first branch in the kingdom in 2002, and during the 17 years of work, the advancing technical development in the kingdom reflected the substantial cooperation with the government of Saudi Arabia to develop different areas. Contributed to the company in the leadership process of the launch of communications networks and supporting partners telecom operators to provide services has reached more than two-thirds of the Saudi population, where work in providing its services to more than 14 government ministry and a large number of bodies and institutions of the public and private sectors, and ranked second in the smartphone market in the kingdom. It had already implemented many of the innovative projects and the first of its kind in the world in Saudi Arabia including Yanbu Industrial City smart which provided the fundamental basis for the verification process in Saudi Arabia and a model to be emulated in the world of industrial cities smart. Thanks to the record Huawei the variety of solutions and products, offering today, Yanbu Industrial City has many advantages that put it at the forefront of smart cities.

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