The world is entering the era of 5G – you know them !

Most phones and smart devices currently rely on networks of third generation and fourth in the transmission and reception of data, but we and within a few years we’ll move to the era of 5G, and in this article show quick highlights of the features of the 5G and its advantages and how it will look like the future of communications with her.

العالم يدخل عصر شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G - تعرّف عليها !

The world is entering the era of 5G – you know them !

What are the 5G’s?

Fifth generation 5G is a communications technology future and is the next evolution of networks of the fourth generation current, and is mainly based on the standard IEEE 802.11 ac and that means a boom and a quantum leap in the quality and speed of connection and coverage.

ما هي شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G ؟

What are the 5G’s?

According to the International Society for mobile networks GSMA and which includes almost all technical companies around the world, 5G will have several characteristics including: speed, ranging from 1 to 10 GB per second in theory, and sought the transfer of the data is larger, a thousand times, and a wider coverage, and greater energy compared to the networks of the fourth generation 4G current.

How will the world look like in the presence of 5G for?

Theoretically would be the fifth-generation networks faster, ten times compared to networks of the fourth generation as experts predict, and that means you can download movie 3D in within thirty seconds just as you can watch the video high quality is strictly 8K without cutting, also will become the speed of browsing the internet and running different applications better as you will be able to perform more complex tasks.

كيف سيبدو العالم في وجود شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G ؟

How will the world look like in the presence of 5G for?

These examples are simplified for personal use is a small part of the impact of networks of the fifth generation on our lives in the future, applications of the operation of the treaty we have more advanced and complex, and of it: self-driving cars, the technology augmented reality, smart cities, artificial intelligence, as well as great expectations in the medical and industrial, and all thanks to super speed and large data capacity that will provide its fifth-generation networks.

When will be available the fifth-generation networks 5G?

Will begin gradually to provide the fifth-generation networks starting in 2020 on a limited scale, such as groupings of large companies and government agencies, and it’s going to take longer than that so can the general public take advantage of, even if we assume availability of suitable cover for the fifth generation, we can’t take advantage of them as long as we don’t have supportive devices.

متي ستتوفر شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G ؟

When will be available the fifth-generation networks 5G?

Currently test companies towards the fifth-generation networks, including corporate telecommunication service providers and manufacturers, chip like Intel and Qualcomm, and also the participation of the companies of the industry of technology and especially Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and others.

The cost of research and development networks of the fifth generation is very expensive, and more costly than the provision of a suitable infrastructure – the car connection – and that requires spending billions of dollars, such as according to bank Barclays requires coverage of the entire United States to have fifth-generation $ 300 million!

The fifth-generation networks will not replace the networks of the fourth generation at least in the near future, but would complement it, there is still a fourth generation network able to meet the needs of users can also be developed more and make the most of them effort and cost less.

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