The World Health Organization recognizes the disease of the gaming disorder and the application starts from 2022


The World Health Organization World Health Organization and which has a membership 194 member rating disorder video games gaming disorder as an official and work it starting from January 2022, and that through the global health third and seventieth.

And described the disease as the behavior of the identified loss of control in control self towards video games, by giving it the time and priority at the expense of other activities daily, and continuity in that, despite the emergence of negative consequences.

And in order to diagnose the disease, the Health Organization WHO symptoms through pattern recognition of power and its profound impact on the life of the individual, personal, or social, or school, or family, or job, or other important functions and for a period of not less than 12 months.

This decision was challenged by the organization of the trade for video games such as ESA and UKIE, and you see that it was actually conducting more research before making this decision, especially with the research contradict these findings, and suggest that this behavior may be the behavior of the Cross suggests the participation or the same attributes of other underlying have of the individual.

ESA went to what is beyond it, and reported that this classification displays all play video games of economic activity, and educational and political, and creative, and educational, to the imminent danger. The WHO, has taken this decision based on evidence and realistic, and use the views of experts and specialists from different countries.

And, of course, will be the development of treatment programs to face this disease the person who is classified by the World Health Organization.

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