The world celebrates 30 years on the invention of the web

In this day of 1989 offers the software engineer the Englishman Tim Berners-Lee with his idea about the system linking existing information on several computers that are not compatible with each other, which led not known to the World Wide Web today.

The idea originated in the Physics Laboratory in CERN, Switzerland as a result of the lack of efficiency in the work and management of information distributed on several places and the edges. It was then sad to find different information on the edges of the different you need to login to each computer to get them, it was Berners-Lee is facing a difficulty in work led to propose the idea arrived as a result of the invention of the protocol to link to pages of hypertext and then the web pages.

What began as a system of Information Management and standardization and facilitate communication with them, has become today the basis of the life process that we use in almost everything, across the web you can work and spend leisure time and obtain information and certificates of the University and a lot a lot, there are about a million web site providing services and content for about half of the population of the planet who are able to connect to the internet which hosts the web pages.

What’s next? This is the question that is always knocking on the inventor of the web who hopes to work technical for the public good and the least cause of spreading hate speech and abuse and turns to the web to hold a positive influence on the world.

It features Berners-Lee map of the access road to the site that we want by putting the appropriate legislation and regime change, and research.

How is web your life?

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