The work of the Libra new Facebook, is it really a revolutionary new technique is?

Yesterday the company announced Facebook is finally on its encrypted digital Cryptocurrency which came to bear the name Libra, and that may be derived from the French and Spanish word Libre which means “free” as well as the description of the English Libral, which means “excited”. The primary goal of the business Facebook the new Libra is to buy products and send money online directly easily and without deduct expenses you.

Possible in Facebook new Also it will allow you to buy products from shops normal through the use of application portfolio dedicated to this currency, Facebook own will apply to this connection a portfolio care “Calibra Wallet” and this wallet will also be integrated within the apps Messenger, WhatsApp, as well as the app houses its own and all this had been Facebook in her White provided yesterday, which had also things الـBlockchain and other technical details.

So, we’re in front of an electronic encrypted, owned by the -theory – of Facebook will be built-in apps Messenger and WhatsApp applications messaging the most commonly used, also the user will be able to use them in the regular… Do you think it’s over? Follow us now report iPhone Islam of Joint about the new currency in all respects.

What is a Libra the new Facebook be?

As stated before in the introduction, the work will allow you to purchase products as well as send and receive funds through the application of the Calibra App which is the work portfolio of Libra and also built-in applications all of the WhatsApp user since the currency coming from Facebook and built-in enforcement Facebook you might think that Facebook has complete control of it, but that -fortunately – not true, as Facebook is just a member of the organization has been launched to manage the currency which bore the name Libra Association this organization includes members of veteran players such as Visa, AWeber as well as venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and each of the member investment of $ 10 million or more in the science of the operation of this currency.

Organization Libra Association that will manage the Blockchain project Libra it is certainly going to be open source and will work on the development of platform running action which will Language software download the Move, which is the programming language of their own, as well as from the commercial region will work on the drawers work and Libra as a means of payment in the greatest possible number of places and platforms.

So, are you going to be your information Bank have Facebook?

Facebook as you know it’s not beloved in matters of privacy, so Facebook’s establishment of a branch Company the name Calibra, this company will administer the consultation and the protection of the privacy of users by not integrating information Libra your with the information she has about you, Facebook already and we will be targeting through Facebook ads based on your purchases and have the money you will not show your financial information and transactions, to any person. Economic sense to both Facebook and Calibra and also members of the organization of Libra Association will be some benefits through your money, and that-as they stated – to preserve the value of the work of the Libra no more.

Application of the Calibra which will meet for the Libra.

Why appeared to us the work of a Libra of the foundation?

Facebook found in the world of digital currencies encrypted Cryptocurrencies all of the profit and loss, but that didn’t stop her from entering this world of wider doors but it is certainly not the reasons it is one of the main reasons for the emergence of the work of a Libra are the costs service Fees, which cut off her credit cards when paying this factor in itself may form a risk to Facebook ads, so I thought Facebook had gone to the area a little further and that is, what if one of the competitors such as Google to build a digital currency similar to a Libra is? In this case there will be a miss marked this product photo on Facebook you will be able to look at more then what is spent on Facebook ads, too, work like a Libra will help the more than 1.7 million people have no bank account of the foundation of this huge number of people certainly have interests related to the ads of Facebook, isn’t it?

Facebook -or the organization Libres – through this picture: those who can of the foundation, it’s expensive to send money globally, on average, performs the user 7% of the amount in the process of loading those.

Of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium strong and pervasive as we know it is not used on a large scale as would be the work of the Libra new, as well, that crypto-currencies are affected by the price quite significantly to different supply and demand etc., you may remember the jump, massive leap by the currency the bitcoin, and then signed again, as well, the digital currency encrypted that lost a large part of their value -and perhaps the reason for its existence, mainly due to speculation on them because very few places had accepted them instead of the US dollar, these factors are the same problems faced by any work encrypted, But with Facebook and its Libra will not be the case, as Facebook has relationships with more than 7 million advertised on its network from huge companies along with 90 million advertisers from smaller companies, and this number of dealers in this currency alone sufficient to strongly Bond The her back.

What is the difference between Libra and PayPal then?

If you asked this question in your head, you think about how the idea of Facebook itself, as Facebook want to make a Libra as a currency and as a means of payment alternative to revolutionary was -although PayPal is themselves involved in the organization of Libra – Facebook want to make a Libra easier in terms of starting to use and create a new account and make it work push easier and more effective this is certainly besides the fact that Libra can service costs less and maybe you can’t from the basis in some circumstances.

“The mission of Libra is to create a world currency is simple to use as well as the composition of the financial structure and able to serve million of users.”

Added Facebook saying: “success is that can a person who works in a country other than his home that the Russell funds family without any abuse or hard, which is also that you can to pay the rent of his room is as easy as paying for a cup of coffee, buy it.” (Adapted), also the disk is seeking to address the interests of Service adult services to send funds which is up to 7% at times, it also seeks to support financial transactions of small Microtransactions through the deduction of only a few cents of the original building during conversion.

How to work a Libra, then?

Even now it is the preceding lines to know the basics of the work of the Libra for us as normal users, all in order that you will get your account on Libra and then implementation from your account as the implementation from your bank account regular but without afford to pay big as well as will be able to exercise these things without showing your name or know any one of you -if this is so positive- However, whether it is through a company Calibra or through the company Facebook as we mentioned above, however Facebook will give you a lot this is must be approved in spite of you once your use of Facebook.

Gonna Facebook by relying on the technology of the Blockchain that side of the complex technology may not matter to you, but the economic return will be through the Libra Association that we defined earlier, this area will be 28 member -who did not write up yet – and every member will pay at least $ 10 million Linda its, this amount paid will contribute to the operating expenses own work in general as well as will make the Blockchain in particular and generally to them the origins of physical reality to ensure value for money, and members of Libra are as follows, classified by their field of work:

1 – the bank and payments will: Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, stripes and PayU.
2 – Technical Sales Will: Like, eBay, Facebook, care, and lever, Spotify, Uber and Farfetch and Mercado Pago.
3 – communication will put all from: Vodafone and & managing partner at Iliad.
4 – free block will: Anchorage, Bison Trails, Coinbase, Xapo Holdings.
5 – free capital will: Andreessen Horowitz, the Breakthrough Initiatives, the Ribbit Capital, Thrive Capital and Union Square Ventrues.
6 – non-profit organizations and Educational will be: Creative Destruction Lab, Kiva, Mercy Corps, Women’s World Banking.

Overall, the company aims Facebook in particular and the organization of Libra Association access to a hundred active members in conjunction with the launch date of the new currency which will be in the year 2020, note that the headquarters of the Libra Association will -and as you can expect – in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here we wait, what do you think about work Facebook new? You’re going to use when launched effectively? We shared right now in the comments..



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