The Windows 10 update next do Search icon for Cortana and other

تحديث ويندوز 10 القادم سيفصل أيقونة البحث عن كورتانا وغيرها

Microsoft said that the update of the annual grand to her assistant voice, Cortana, during the period of the next for Windows 10 will work on a chapter icon voice assistant from the search icon traditional thought on combined with to do searches or regular audio.

Where the new update which is supposed to come in next April, there will be a icon circle that shows assistant Cortana voice next to the parting of the sea, in order to enable users to search in a separate manner. How to prepare a research assistant to audio will be separated from each other.

On the other side, Microsoft said it is working on improve the speed of running Windows 10 in the next update, where it will replace the software application, which says that task hellExperienceHost.exe application of basic operation StartMenuExperienceHost.exe, the company says that it has beneficial effects many have noticed it also during the period of tests in recent weeks.

Also, Microsoft will provide options to manage fonts through the window of the settings of Windows 10 directly, where the user can drag the line in the dedicated box in the settings in the page font and want it, which is similar to upload an image in one of the sites, and of course it would be easy for the user being won’t be a need to open your font file and add them.

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