The width of WE and the”market.Com” when you buy a Tecno WX3LTE, you know, it

If you are considering changing your mobile phone the latest special supports networks 4G, then think seriously about taking advantage of the width te WE with “the market.Pile” they provide a phone for you features good price suitable for bouquets calls and the internet fighting for your attention.

When you buy a phone not Tecno WX3LTE of “the market.Pile”, one of the companies to the Amazon, you’ll get a secret code, a special te WE, You can use it with the plan of your mobile, and enjoy 10 times your shipment units for 10 whole months.

According to the show, it applies to the new lines and current, and end validity code on the date no later than 28 February, so you should decide fast if you want to take advantage of it.

And deserves phone Tecno WX3LTE thinking in availability, it’s a phone with a stylish design, supports the fourth generation, and its 5-inch, is Android 7, quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.1 GHz, memory internal 8 great, RAM (RAM) 1 GB, it works Dual SIM phone, camera front and rear by 5-megapixel.

And “the market.Com” the phone at the price of 1,299 pounds, which is a good price to own a smartphone with specs good and suitable.

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