The white house allowed U.S. companies to work with Huawei another 2 years

The white house has decided to allow American businesses to work with Huawei in for a minimum of two years. About it reports Reuters with reference to the administration of the President of the United States. In time American companies are going to complete business together with Huawei, to stop joint production in its presence and find her to replace the new suppliers of components and equipment. So the us government wants to minimize the loss from the rupture of relations with Huawei for the local economy.

The delay has nothing to do with the restoration of relations between China and the United States, but stems from the interests of the United States, for which a sharp rupture of relations with Huawei extremely disadvantageous. The fact that Huawei is one of the main suppliers of telecommunication equipment, which buys US Department of defense and other government agencies. In addition, a number of independent American companies buys from Huawei various components for the execution of government orders.

Huawei and Android — what’s next

At the same time introduced the relief only applies to U.S. companies and does not apply to Huawei. Thus, most likely, temporary license, which the United States gave to the Chinese, allowing them to provide your device with updates, will be withdrawn on expiry of its validity. This means that Huawei makes no sense to expect the restoration of relations with local businesses and, as a consequence, to hope that she will allow to use Android and Google services and more.

The reason the US decided to impose sanctions against Huawei is that it allegedly engaged in espionage in favor of the Chinese government. Huawei denies his guilt and demands from the Americans provide evidence, which, according to US officials, are at the disposal of the President, but shall not be made public, at least at the moment. Because of the sanctions the United States from the cooperation with Huawei has refused several major corporations, including Google, Qualcomm, ARM and Intel

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