The WhatsApp messenger will acquire two important functions

Like most companies, WhatsApp is also testing its new features on a limited number of users in a special beta version of the application. Before adding these functions in the final Assembly and to provide all users access to new functions, the company must make sure that everything works and performs its task the proper way. Some of the latest features, testing of which has been the subsidiary of Facebook, is built right into the browser application and reverse image search.

As the name implies, the first feature will allow users to download Feb-page the link from the message directly inside the app not to switch constantly from messenger to the browser and back. Finally, in WhatsApp will appear built-in browser, because all the other messengers he already is and its importance and functionality is difficult to overestimate.

The only identified limitation of the new functions would be impossible screen recording and screenshots inside the app (both in the messenger and browser), as WhatsApp positions itself as a well-protected messenger. On the positive side new features include a special warning when you try to switch to an insecure resource, and the fact that neither Facebook nor WhatsApp are not able to see your browsing history.

Another feature that WhatsApp is testing, called Reverse image search and not the most obvious functionality. If you get in the chat a message, you can send it to Google for authentication. That is, in the app there is a button that will send your chosen image in “Google Search by image” and making sure that it is original, does not have copies of (or, conversely, a forgery), you will make for yourself any conclusions. In General, this feature should be useful in countries such as India, and for this country, probably, and created as there WhatsApp is used as the main platform for the dissemination of false information.

Both of these features were found in the beta version of the WhatsApp application for OS Android and is currently unavailable to all users. Also there’s no word about if and when they become available in the public version of the application.

And what messenger do you use most often? What do you like? Do you use WhatsApp?

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