The website “opportunities” we participate for the second time in forum Alexa-employment in Alexandria

Judging from the successes we achieved over the past years, shared the position of “opportunity” for recruitment in forum Alexa-employment 2018, scheduled from 23 to 24 of February, targeting on the provision of job opportunities for young people and open channels for direct communication between the companies and the alumni network, and is expected to attend more than 25 thousand of job seekers.

Commenting on this, said Mustafa Hassan, marketing manager of the website: “our chances to participate in these forums in the belief the leading role in the Egyptian market as a true bridge between business owners and job seekers, in addition to meeting job seekers and communicate with them directly and receive all of their questions and queries and provide tips for Job Search in general and Private the best ways to search for jobs on the site.

Pointed well, in a press release, to know Alexa is one of the largest conferences and exhibitions in Egypt and the Middle East in the field of employment and vocational training, and participation in small and medium local businesses as well as global companies operating in the field of recruitment sites, electronic and Information Technology.

Hassan added: “the aim of our opportunities by 2020 to help one million job seekers in their quest for job search and find opportunities suitable for them”, indicating they are aiming in the future to have a role in raising the awareness of the labour market and deal with challenges that arise, such as: attendance for interviews and the gap between supply and demand, as explained that the location of the opportunities we allow to register on the website in two ways, either directly through the site or by calling the toll-free number 19916.

In light of this, there is on the site now more than a million job-seekers, and there is also on-site more than 10,000 jobs in the different areas in different governorates of Egypt, which provides about 2,000 jobs in Alexandria alone.

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