The web version of the translation service Google Translate you get to design a whole new

Google Translate 2

Under the design of the web version of the translation service of Google ” Google Translate ” on the case over the past few years, but if you repaired it. today, you’ll notice that Google has now changed the design to a new look. In fact, the web version of the new translation service, a subsidiary of Google, has become used to the modern design language Material Design, which makes it now look cleaner and more modern.

Mostly, remain functions of the page as is, you can enter one language, will be translated for you to language that you want. There is also an additional option to raise the documents, so if you have levels in another language, you need to upgrade, this might be way more effective than having to copy and paste parts of them in application to the soil.


The lifting feature of the documents to be translated were always present in the translation service of Google, but now thanks to these changes at the design level, to find this feature easier. As explained by the website 9to5Google, suggest other changes also design responsive, which means that, based on the size of the browser window, will change the user interface accordingly, so if you use the split screen feature or just want to use the small window on the browser Google Chrome to do the translation, it must respond to the user interface for it.

This is supposed to be the changes available to everyone, so if you go to the web version of the service Google Translate, you’ll be able to see these changes already.



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