The web version of the Messages application Messages get the name of the new domain


In the month of December last year, we informed you about the new commitment in Chromium would guide the users in the end to the web version of the application SMS Messeages default on the Android platform. Will commit the new user to a new address and a user beforehand, which is :

Found out a user in the network Reddit this for the first time when he was facing problems in the interface Messages for the Web. It was some users in the replies facing the same problem but was redirected then to the new domain. If you have been redirected to the domain you can go directly to :

New in the web version of Messages is the settings of the RCS, which can be accessed now from the interface, allowing to activate the features of RCS. And, of course, for this to work, you’ll need to be a customer of Etisalat supports RCS owns a device that supports the same company calls on the RCS to the latest version of the application Messages.

Still the spread of the RCS has been slow, but regardless of the time it will take the RCS before they are circulated everywhere, this change reinforces the notion that Google Inc. specialize gradually from the use of the word ” Android ” in any of the features, apps and services on Android. In last year’s version of the conference, Google’s annual developers Google I/O, why is the mention of the word Android once.

We predicted previously that the company Google can change the name android to something else. We’ve seen Google doing this with Android Wear system, which was to change his name to WearOS, the payment service Android Pay, which was to change her name to Google Pay, and the Android Market, which has changed its name to Google Play Store. Even the Messages app Android Messages get rid of that word so that it is now simply called Messages.

Anyway, if a company Google is planning to change some of its business relationships, loss we begin to hear some hints about that in its annual conference for developers next Google I/O 2019 to be held in a few months.


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