The web site gives you access to Music Apple TV your

One of the most prominent differences between the Music Apple TV وSpotify, is that you can’t have full access to your listings in the music of the Apple web site. Now it has found a developer Naveed Gol a solution to this problem, through the establishment of web player unofficial Music Apple.

Established Naveed Gol location, which lets you log in and then access to all your albums, playlists, and recommendations suitable for you.

Is access to this service through package, MusicKit JS, which is about the application programming interface of the Apple TV, which deals with the granting of the license to use your account, so if you use the system authentication – which you should use from the baseline – you’ll get a license code of the Apple TV.

Once logged in, you will see a custom combination lists and run the recommended list For You.

The site contains the interface to use a clean, simple, and looks good on both mobile devices and computers to the office. But you can’t add songs and albums to your library through the web interface to this, except that this function is supported by the MusicKit, has promised the developer added soon.

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