The wealth of Bill Gates give $ 100 million

Think Bill Gates is one of the largest donors in the world, it has provided he and his wife Melinda Gates 45.5 million dollars throughout their lives to their charity and other charities, as he pledged to give away majority of his wealth to charity and founded the organization ask the wealthy others to do the same thing with his close friend Warren Buffett.

That is why many people believe that the wealth of Bill Gates personal charge, because he gives his money, but it is not it is rich, stunningly growing richer all the time, and has increased his wealth by $ 9.5 million higher than it was a year ago, where she became his personal fortune concerning $ 100 million (375 million reais), with gold to the value of his fortune was $ 76 million in 2014 rose more than $ 24 million in just five years.

Made many investments through Cascade Investment, a company which is run by Michael Larson, and in the provision of investments in public companies such as waste management, real estate and other business interests, and invest bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also in some corporate profit, where is the challenge in this investment either by Bill or Melinda, or both, for example, purchased their organization of approximately 800,000 shares of the company Liquidia Technologies, a biotechnology company developing drugs customized.

On the other hand, his wealth no longer comes from Microsoft, although the shares of the company which was founded by the good era of CEO Satya Nadella, however, over the last fifteen years, he sold the gates most of his share of Microsoft, in 2004, owns 1.1 million shares of Microsoft, now has about 103 million shares is only worth now $ 12 billion (45 billion riyals), and throughout the past two years didn’t sell or buy more stock.

So in conclusion, while Gates a lot of charitable giving, his wealth will grow at a much faster pace than say, a donation.

Source: businessinsider

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