The way the new login to the account beIN Sports to renew the subscription

طريقة تسجيل الدخول الجديدة الى حساب beIN Sports لتجديد الاشتراك

I have channels for me that sportsnet a new way to log in to the account of the user ONLINE on its network online accounts through which they are to follow the status of the subscription for renewal or pay the premium monthly or upgrade it to change the package and all related account away from dealerships and service centers in the Arab world, where do you think this service is the least cost to the user free of fees and taxes imposed by some Arab States.

The new method may come from the standpoint of securing user accounts and updating their data have the channel. After I was logged in is depending on the number of the subscription card, change course now became necessary to replace the number as the user operates the common combinations and choose whatever she wants. With the need to re-enter mobile phone number of temples already in the old account as well as electronic mail.

All those steps that we’ll review depends on the participants and owners of old accounts password and do it again.

The way the new login to the account beIN Sports to renew the subscription

Work beginning on site visit service as usual on the following link:

You will see the login page of the new as in the picture , I work here to enter card number, your passwords , so you can move on to page numbers New that will change with the data entry of the former.

طريقة تسجيل الدخول الجديدة الى حساب beIN Sports لتجديد الاشتراكBy clicking on the login Signin will be transferred to the following page:

Will servers me, I Sport the Send Code of 6 digits will be shown directly on the TV screen when the tension on one of the channels I sports. Preferably the channel is open beIN Sports HD in the case of up code to work on click on the link blue re-send “must be you” is inevitable.

Then, type in the code in the field allotted to him and press the Verify Code implementation to the next page.

Enter the code here and press Veriify

Here. You have to write your phone number saved in full, that you should replace the stars tenderly your phone full and then stop to Verify Mobile.

Working on stress here to prepare to write your email in full, and you have to be the same as the days of the old Wally would stop the process of preparation of the Account here and you have to communicate with the technical support of the solo !


The next page as show in the previous image may be the toughest stage where he won’t accept the password that will be adopted quickly

The tops of the first type the name of the user ID of your own will is the name of the user is approved to log in later and then type in the password that includes the name and then the number and bearing him one of the icons

He tried to be a symbol at the end of the password and not in the middle of the floor and make sure there’s great character in one of the English characters. Then click registration Register.

You will end up to the next page when meeting the process of preparation successfully

The way the new login to the account beIN Sports to renew the subscription

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