The war record involving YouTube between the groups lyrical South Korean


It is safe to say that the band K-pop concert and other teams that make that type of music are very popular. In fact, lovers of the band K-pop think of the fans more fulfillment and Spain. Therefore, it is logical to find the record for views in one day which has been achieved by the group of K-pop has crashed by a group of K-pop again after only one week.

Video and lyric of the latter group Blackpink which carries the title ” Kill This Love ” managed to harvested 56.7 million viewers within 24 hours after its publication on YouTube. This was the music video is a record holder when it comes to the number of views per day, but I didn’t write this record hold out for more than a week because a group of BTS and renown has recently launched her new single titled ” Boy With Luv“, a song which has 78 million views in the first 24 hours of being published on YouTube, thus breaking the record which recorded his song Blackpink by a large margin.

Not only that, it has received the music video the latest from the group BTS also more than two million comments during the first 24 hours on YouTube. This became the video lyric in the track for the number of views your video made lyrical set Blackpink in three days, amounting to 100 million views after the Video Lyric the latest from the group of BTS to 95 million views already.

It is not surprising to see set BTS break this record, they are considered one of the groups singing the most popular and most famous in the world. Maybe the music video the following group able to break this record.

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