“The walls – and Dan’s eyes”, take control in your house by With smart

Forget the sky smart that haunt her daily, and help for your smart home through simple clicks on with smart, has developed researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney research technique to make walls smart, cost $ 20 (350 pounds approx) per meter.

The walls are smart, which was the researchers name The “Wall-plus-plus” Wall, paint it, paint connector and planting panel dedicated sensor shift the wall to the panel to use the signals, and the sensor electromagnetic detection and tracking of electrical and electronic devices.

Can system walls. smart Activity Monitor in the room, adjust the lighting levels automatically when you turn the tv on or off, it can send an alert when you turn off any device, as can walls Wall smart tracking of persons wearing electronic devices in the certain mark electromagnetic.

This is not the first time that the researchers of the Carnegie Mellon method to determine the surface analog to the touchpad, in the last year, announced researchers at the same University on the development of their system called the “entry” Electrick allows spraying of a conductive coating on the surfaces of the cycloid in order to earn the properties of the touch action.

However, researchers say that the development is still ongoing for their innovation, where they work on improving energy consumption, and the search for an easier way to install the sensor board, which helps the spread of technology in homes, businesses, schools, universities, and museums.

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