The Wall Street Journal think that the iPhone will become old like a Walkman

iPhone XS Max

Made Apple successful with a variety of products in its history, the company achieved success with products such as computers, iMac G3 colorful, portable music player iPod. In recent years, helped Phone iPhone company to grow to the extent reached in its market value to $ 1 trillion dollars. But with the maturation of the market and the emergence of more competitors who decided to launch smart phones suitable price is much cheaper, it is not surprising to see demand for the iPhone weakened.

However, you can up to the point where they may become Phone iPhone old like the Walkman from Sony is? Well, that’s what a new report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America, where he says that, just as happened with devices such as Walkman, Pager and Palm Pilot and Polaroid, it is likely to become the iPhone back in the day.

The report indicates some examples of companies that have been consistent year in the past, such as Kodak and Polaroid and Sears, but the report hinted that these companies were wedded strongly to the idea Old. In a way, can say the same thing about Nokia that maybe entered into the smart phone market too late.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Apple is in danger or that the iPhone is soon to become abandoned, but the current situation faced by this phone don’t bode well. However, it seems that Apple is looking beyond the iPhone, the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook recently said that his company plans to launch new services in the year 2019. As Mr. Tim Cook also about how wearable devices are responsible for a large part of its revenue.

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