The Wall Street Journal the U.S. will be part of the service of the news coming out of Apple


Confirmed not Apple that it will host a event on the 25th day of the month of March where the company will be held probably on the streaming service movies. However, they are expected to learn the company also announced the news service, magazines, and now we have a publishing company again to add them to the list.

According to a report published by the New York Times, is that the Wall Street Journal the U.S. will be part of the news service and the coming of the Apple TV. And for those who are not familiar with the rumors in the past, it suggested the rumors that Apple is planning to launch a paid service for news and magazines where users can access news and unlimited exchange for a flat monthly rate.

In the last year, I got Apple on Texture, a service that describes many people with Netflix and magazines, and so Apple is planning a benefit from the process of acquisition of these. It is not clear who are the other publishers who will be part of this new service coming from Apple, but confirmed that both the New York Times and the Washington Post, they wouldn’t be part of this service.

I’ve tried Apple service launch of the news in the past, so it remains to be seen whether this new service will perform better or not. However, it seems some publishers are not very optimistic about this service even before its launch, they believe that it will not be very profitable for them.

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