The vulnerability of Apple’s site allowed hackers to steal millions of PIN codes

A critical vulnerability in the code the official Apple online store created the risk of leakage of tens of millions of PIN codes. This resource tells BuzzFeed News, citing the research of experts in the field of information security Phobias and Nicolas Ceraolo.

The researchers did not disclose details about the specifics of the vulnerability but said that its operation was allowed hackers to gain access to PIN codes, account 72 million subscribers of T-Mobile without affecting the customers of other mobile operators.

What kind of PIN it?

In this case, means not familiar to most of us the PIN code of the SIM card, and a secret combination of characters used to identify carrier iPhone. For them, the PIN plays the role of an additional means of protection when working with SIM-card in your account on the Apple website.

The risk of disclosure of PIN-code is that it allows a fraudster will be able to rebind the telephone number of the victim to another SIM card. This creates the risk of engrossing Bank accounts and, as a consequence, the loss of all savings and the exhaustion of the credit card limit.

Apple for its part has refused to give any comments about the incident. The only words of employees a press-services of the company were the words of gratitude to the researchers and a statement that a timely reaction is allowed to address the vulnerability promptly.

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