The value of Tesla’s market take my Mercedes !

After planning a BMW last month, plans to value Tesla now the value of Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, to become one of the top car companies in the world by market capitalization.

Difficult to compare Tesla with other cars due to the possession by the Department of energy is growing rapidly currently, but most of their returns come from the automotive industry, which is trying to get classified as a car.

As I started Tesla’s recent entry into the world of the manufacture of trucks, pick-up, what makes the comparison group Daimler is fair due to the engagement of recent works.

Has succeeded Tissot in the planning of Daimler after the closure of the money markets recently, as a result of the low value of the latter shares some thing.



This comes despite enabled Daimler to achieve big profits for a long period of time and sell them for a huge number of cars compared to this, but the profits of the giant German started to decline recently due to the decline in the sales of diesel engines, which is what made them go through last year to invest strongly in the electric car through budget worth a million dollars, spending $ 11 million to develop 10 electric cars until 2022.

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