The value of a company Amazon today is worth more than twice the value of the Walmart

أمازون Walmart

أمازون Walmart

Markets in the American continent matchup of a special kind between Amazon and Wal-Mart Walmart in the area of trade in general and electronic commerce in particular, in spite of the seniority of the latter, but the fact that in 2018 leaning strongly in favor of Amazon that redefined a lot of concepts in this area.

In 1998, 20 years ago almost, it was Amazon, aged four years, at the time was “Wal-Mart” of 35 years almost. At that time, it was the value of the Amazon equal to $ 2 million dollars only, while the value of the “Wal-Mart” help $ 65 billion dollars, this apparent superiority sweeper company also.

Amazon did not remain unchanged, and innovated in a lot of areas, and outperformed the competitors on the different degrees of their experience, they are turned from the store to sell e-books to continue selling almost everything and in some countries around the world connect on the same day of vegetables and fruits, although not possess, basically follow the fact, such as those possessed by the “Wal-Mart”. Based on the above, a jump the company’s share price from $ 1.5 in 1997, to 1500 USD in 2018.

Today, after 20 years on the previous figures, the value of Amazon’s US $ 710 million roughly, in time with the value of “Wal-Mart” 280 million, this means that the value of Amazon will help 2.5-fold of the value of the “Wal-Mart” that was their value at the day of days is worth more than 30 times of the value of the Amazon.

During the last ten years, i.e. since 2008 nearly maintained the “Wal-Mart” on the same level of on hand stock price, they are until the last quarter of 2015 was superior to Amazon. But this talk of angle again means that Amazon has been growing strongly to reach their current value. This shows that maintaining the same level for a long time without a is dangerous, you should warn them of any company, even if the “Wal-Mart” that owns more than 4670 stores in the United States alone.

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