The US Senate voted to restore the rules of the neutrality of the internet

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With the abolition of the Commission communications Federal rules of neutrality of the internet, many felt concerned about the changes that would be covered by the market because of it, where you will try to Internet service providers and telecommunication companies forcing customers to pay to access certain things on the internet was available for free in the past, for example imagine having to pay for access to the videos in 4K on YouTube because it’s not part of your subscription on the internet.

Earlier this month tried to members of the US Senate to compel the Committee to vote to restore the neutrality of the internet, and it seems they succeeded in that. And photos of the US Senate now favor the abolition of the decision of the Commission communications Federal abolition of the rules of net neutrality by a vote of 52 votes to 47. But this is not time to celebrate yet, where there are many obstacles which should be removed before the cancellation of the decision formally.

The next step involves passage through the house of Representatives, and in the end the will of the President, Donald Trump signature on the resolution to complete the process. This means that there are still many places that can fail the efforts of the Senate. There are contingency plans where announced several mandates already on their plans to the rules of life.

This includes the state of Washington, which is the first state to convert to this Law. But some argue that this may be difficult to impose it on the state level and that companies may try to compete legally. And for those who don’t know what it means the neutrality of the internet, this basically means that companies such as telecommunications companies and internet service providers should treat all Internet Data neutrally and without discrimination. This means that companies are not required to pay more money for their content to slow, or prevent users from viewing certain sites unless they pay for it, and so on.


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