The US security authorities senior warns of Huawei phones

السلطات الأمنية هواوي

السلطات الأمنية هواوي

A security warning to the highest level issued from the heads of the security agencies six adults in the United States for American citizens from the use of the products and services of my company, Huawei and ZTE are China’s two.

At the hearing of the intelligence Committee in the Senate, issued a warning from the group of Heads of security agencies including the FBI and the CIA the CIA and the National Security Agency NSA.

Said the head of the FBI Chris Wray in his testimony that the government was very interested on the risks and allow any company or entity associated by virtue of foreign governments do not share the same values to get the control within the telecommunications networks of America. This control of foreign companies may allow them to modify or steal the information exchanged.

This is not the first time, warning us of the Huawei company that was founded by a former engineer in the People’s Liberation Army of China, which is described by politicians and the Americans that the arm of the Chinese government.

The Huawei has been prevented from Contracting with the U.S. government in 2014 now, raise the warning level to prevent individual customers from buying their products.

And the United States is currently a draft law prohibiting government employees American accent from used phones, Huawei and ZTE.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei is going on the second place in terms of sales at the level of the world is superior to the Apple TV thanks to its presence in 170 countries around the world. And Huawei from selling its products within the country so that the telecommunications company AT&T withdrew its cooperation with Huawei on the launch of the phone Mate 10 new in collaboration with.

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