The US National Security Agency delete the years of the call records

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Released the US National Security Agency NSA on Thursday a statement in which she said she started on 23 May delete all the call detail records CDRs that have been obtained since the year 2015, because analysts have the US National Security Agency pointed several months ago to the existence of irregularities technique in some of the data received from the communications service providers, the announcement came in accordance with the Agency’s core with regard to respect for law and accountability, integrity and transparency.

Shape of the 2017 a golden year for the National Security Agency of America in relation to spying on American citizens, where they managed to collect three times the number of call records as compared to the numbers of the previous year, according to transparency issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the numbers increased from about 151 million record calls in 2016 to more than 530 million in 2017, despite the presence of less number of goals.

She said the US National Security Agency’s reported to oversight committees in Congress and oversight on privacy and civil liberties, as it had informed the Ministry of Justice, which in turn notified the surveillance court Foreign Intelligence, the Agency decided, in consultation with the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, he should delete all the records.

And the privacy practices of acting for several lawsuits, and has the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF, a foundation, a digital rights non-profit international headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, court orders prevent the National Security Agency of America to delete large amounts of data, including data records of calls belonging to the authorities between 2010 and 2015.

According to the orders of the court the control it should store this data in a non-searchable, and frontier Foundation digital that the question of the preservation of these data are necessary to prove the alleged violations of the fourth amendment.

Mayor law the new control released in the year 2015 to reduce the ability of the US National Security Agency to collect the information of everyone, where the law dictates that the availability of the foreign intelligence surveillance court FISA that the main objective of the CAN is reasonably associated with terrorist activities by enabling the US National Security Agency to obtain records on a case by case basis.

The mobile services data retention metadata for calls and texts, including phone numbers and the duration of the call and the number of characters sent within the messages, and the NSA of America then request access to all records of their objectives and of all persons who were in contact with them.

She explained the US National Security Agency presence of some irregularities of the process that led to the access to data is not allowed to possess them, the solution is to delete all records of call details collected since 2015, and the style of the National Security Agency of America usual, they do not enter in details about what caused those irregularities technical exactly in relation to the collection of call detail records that is not authorized to receive it.

She said the US national security agency, it was not practical to sort records that have been collected after the procedures and which ones are not, which is inevitable when the agency is targeting only 40 people and it ends up storing the records of 534 million Telephone device in the United States.

He confirmed the statement of the US National Security Agency largely to its commitment to transparency and it does not collect the content of any call, but they are able when assembling the metadata taken from the phone records to discover more information about the people in comparison with ordinary conversation over the phone.

And the National Security Agency of America to the root of the problem has been identified and resolved in relation to the operations of future acquisitions on the records of the details of the calls, the agency has provided few details announced about the tactics of data collection that have been manipulated previously, as adopted in the month of October, she destroyed the records of Internet connections that were adopted between 2001 and 2007, despite an order from the court prevent her from doing that.

It also destroyed the US National Security Agency records the backup in three different occasions, were never implemented, the procedures issued by the Federal Court in regard to the preservation of the records, it seems that her talk about irregularities technique brings to mind the assurances of the Federal Bureau of investigation FBI issued in May about the existence of programming errors resulted in inflating the number of phones encrypted that can not be accessed, where he claimed the Office that there are up to 7,800 device in the past year alone, while the ranges a real number between 1000 and 2000 devices only.

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