The US authorities require Google to end the relationship with Huawei

The US government put pressure on Google, forcing the search giant to revise the format of relations with Huawei. About it reports Reuters with reference to sources in Congress. The reason for the change in the current paradigm of the interaction of the two is possible Huawei espionage in the interests of the ruling party of China.

Huawei and Android

The interlocutors Reuters in the government of the USA do not explain what exactly is the requirement of revision of relations. In this case we can talk about anything — from having to stop working together companies in the field of development of new technologies to ban Huawei use Android OS in their devices.

The reaction of Google to the requirement of the authorities was very cool. “Like many American companies, we have partnered with manufacturers from around the world and Huawei, in particular, noted Google. — These relations are based on strict principles of confidentiality and the principles of protecting user data”.

KirinOS own OS from Huawei

Obviously, in China have long been preparing for such an eventuality. At this point the rumors of the existence of the project proprietary operating system Huawei, the development of which has continued for several years. KirinOS is the name of a new product the vendor is based on Linux and optimized for working with Kirin chips.

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