The update brings MIUI Xiaomi smartphones down

Xiaomi known as a company that regularly updates their smartphones. This ensures that users not only get access to new features of the shell MIUI, but also feel that their gadgets are still relevant and supported by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, not all of the updates released by Xiaomi, are stable, and it is that installing them does not improve the performance of the phone, but just brings it down.

Users of the official forum technical support Xiaomi massively complained that the update MIUI for brought down their smartphone models 9 Mi SE. By the time of publication, the theme of complaints has more than 20 pages. According to users, after installing the update on the screen of their devices there was an inscription that the system was damaged as a result of the updates. To solve the problem helps neither rebooting, nor attempt to re-install the update over the existing.

Xiaomi has turned into a brick

Judging by the user feedback, the “brick” becomes the only smart phones with a global version of the firmware, and those that were imported from China, the update installed without any problems. Most likely, the reason lies in the build of MIUI, which may differ depending on the region of delivery. So, updates to Russian, international and Chinese versions come out at different times and have different build number.

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According to the confirmed information, Xiaomi is already aware of the problem and working on a fix. However, it is not clear how developers will emerge from their current situation, if the smartphones do not allow you to reinstall the update neither through the air or via a computer. It is possible that intensive care of affected machines, their owners will have to contact the closest service center which unfortunately is not in every village.

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