The United States to Germany: use your equipment to Huawei to build the fifth-generation networks mean reduced intelligence cooperation with you

الولايات المتحدة لألمانيا: استخدامكم معدات هواوي لبناء شبكات الجيل الخامس يعني تقليص التعاون الاستخباراتي معكم

Still, relations turbulent economic between China and the United States throw its weight on the Huawei with the continued pressure of America on the company’s desire to clamp down on it a wider scope, it was another of those practices message the United States Government of Germany and to alert them that the use of the equipment of Huawei in the development of the network by the fifth generation in the future may lead to cooperation between them in some areas of intelligence according Report to Wall Street.

To this letter via the US ambassador in Germany a clear demand of the United States from one of its allies on the European continent and the need not to deal with Huawei; are probably take the series the opposite of what was announced by the European Commission the need to study the issue of cooperation with Huawei in the construction of networks of the fifth generation brewer without damaging some of the states of the union leads to delayed support by the technology of modern communication.

The United States may face an indictment for a number of the issues included allegations of Huawei spying for the Chinese government and to use its equipment to build the networks of the fifth generation may pose a threat to the national security of that state, where he denied Huawei for its part charges to lever these allegations and refute them is not that the government of America tequila, no accusations without proof.

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