The United States successfully tested a laser installation for self-defense fighters

In early 2017 the military-air forces of the USA has launched project SHiELD, which began the development of military laser systems for fighters. It was assumed that she would be able to fool the guidance systems of the enemy, to destroy the flying missiles and attack other fighters. For each of these goals was the creation of three types of lasers. Recently, one of them was successfully tested on the ground in new Mexico- the laser is placed on a towed chassis, successfully knocked down a few running in his aircraft missiles.

The test was held on April 23, 2019, but this became known only now. The us military has successfully tested a laser of average power, intended for self-defense fighters on the ground, he successfully knocked the running with another fighter missiles.

In addition to this type of laser, there are two: low and high power. The first is designed to detect targets and guidance on her arms, and also to deceive the guidance systems of the enemy. Second, increased power, able to attack and destroy enemy fighters. It is assumed that their test also will be held in the near future.

The laser system is planned to strengthen the already existing fighters. The military is particularly interested in this technology, since the laser can become a weapon with “unlimited” supplies and minimum cost of a single shot. It is also believed that it will be capable of hitting targets on both subsonic and supersonic speeds.

The development of laser systems deals with the American company Lockheed Martin. Recall that it was she in 2018, introduced the exoskeleton, which is able to make American soldiers more resilient. Read about it in our material.

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