The United States put pressure on Britain because of Huawei

Expected to the United States, the administration of President Donald Trump more pressure on the United Kingdom; to reconsider the decision to allow the purchase of Chinese telecom Huawei to help build parts of the network British Telecom 5G.

Robert Strayer Robert Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the American foreign policy, communication and information International, had said earlier this month: that if the state has adopted frameworks of security based on the risks it will inevitably lead to the Prohibition of Huawei.

Comes the latest American pressure after the leak of a decision of the British National Security Council, NSC, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Theresa May Theresa May, which agreed to allow Huawei to participate in the construction of 5G networks in the country, but with the denial of access to the core parts in the 5G network.

And the decision was taken at a meeting of the National Security Council, with the expectation announced officially later in the spring, although the decision of the British government for the Huawei may be considered final, however, there are signs of a possible reversal as soon as the disqualification of Theresa May.

Information indicates that Boris Johnson Boris Johnson, the former foreign minister, might be willing to consider again the decision in the event he became prime minister.

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And delivery launch investigation to find out the leaker, he was the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, Philip Hammond, the first minister confirm publicly the existence of the achievement in the registry when asked about the Huawei company in the middle of the investment of Chinese government in Beijing, said: “if what I understand from London is that it was advertised to achieve”.

He wrote the Cabinet Secretary, Mark Sedwill Mark Sedwill, to senior cabinet ministers present at the meeting requesting cooperation with the investigation, and determine if what they were aware of the leak.

The process includes the investigation of access to phone records, email, and meet with the investigators, politicians, reported the newspaper The Telegraph that the ministers will be investigated by the commission of inquiry into leaks at the end of this week.

As it was said that the chief of staff to the prime minister, Gavin Barrow file Gavin Barwell, has collected helpers ministerial and tell them that anyone prove that he is responsible for the registration will not be a member of the government for much longer.

There were other invitations for the dismissal of the coach once you identify it, and some conservatives use the police or internal intelligence agency MI5 to help in the investigation, which may become a criminal case under the Official Secrets Act, but there is concern about the idea of the involvement of the Metropolitan Police in the investigation.

Its investigation focuses on the search for the leaker to five ministers opposed the decision to allow Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications company, the sale of equipment is essential to build 5G in the UK.

He denied the five ministers of their involvement categorically, namely Sajid Javid Sajid Javid, the interior minister; and Jeremy Hunt Jeremy Hunt, the minister of Foreign Affairs; and Gavin Williamson Gavin Williamson, Minister of Defense; and my suppliers are Penny Mordaunt, minister of development; William Fox Liam Fox, the minister of Commerce.

On a related note, has clarified reports that the telecommunications company Dutch giant KPN will select a Western company to work in the heart of the range 5G via the Netherlands, and after that swipe to the American Ambassador its plans clear to give the contract to buy the Huawei.

The U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra Pete the Beaufort Sea, has stated that it is very important that there should be restrictions on the role of Huawei because of the security threat perceived, said Jan Kees de Jager Jan Kees de Jager, chief executive of the company: if resolution is in line with the decision of the British government.

He explained that KPN is not far from the political debate about network security, they look at potential suppliers, the network of the fifth generation in Europe and the United States, he noted that the decision took into account the protection of critical infrastructure, the impact on the Dutch policy for the future, choose a vendor west of the construction of the underlying network to deliver 5G.

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