The United States of America, the Alliance attacks the bot net

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US Department of Commerce, the Ministry of national security of the American draft of the report on strengthening the work against networks of bot-net Botnet threats and other automated submitted to the White House, so placed that the draft that the United States should continue to work closely with international partners in relation to the migration of cyber security distributed and pervasive as the attacks of the networks of the bot net as a global problem.

This report comes in response to the Executive Order by the president on May 11, 2017, on strengthening cyber security for the Federal infrastructure, where he recommended to increase the flexibility of the internet and communication system environment against these threats that most of them come from outside the United States.

Has instructed the executive order to the Minister of trade, internal security, that the operation is open and transparent to improve and enhance the actions of stakeholders elected with a view to significantly reduce the threats perpetrated by the attacks of the mechanism and range.

Collection departments as part of its research, a set of inputs and contributions from experts and stakeholders in the private sector, academia, civil society, and worked in consultation with the Ministry of Defence and the state and the FBI and agencies on sector-specific and the Federal Communications Commission and the FTC, and other interested agencies.

The report said that there are effective tools against the network of the bot net, but it is not widely used, so that the tools, processes and practices necessary to enhance the ability of the internet and the ecosystem of communication on the adaptation significantly available widely, and is applied routinely in the market segments selected.

The report adds that these tools, processes and practices are not part of common practice for product development and dissemination in many other sectors, due to a range of diverse causes, including those reasons is the lack of awareness and avoid costs, inadequate technical expertise, lack of market incentives.

One of the recommendations of the report in the need for insurance products during all stages of the life cycle, she added that the devices that are at risk at the time of publication or lacked the facilities necessary to correct the weaknesses yet to be discovered or to remain in service after the expiration of the support material makes a compilation of threats automated and very easy.

There is also a need for more awareness around the threats, where often companies lack the familiar role that it can play its devices in the network attack the bot net, and you may not fully aware of the advantages of the technical controls available, as product developers, manufacturers and infrastructure operators in many cases to the knowledge and skills needed to deploy tools, processes and practices that make an ecosystem more resilient.

Said Wilbur Ross Wilbur Ross, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce: “cyber security may be one of the most serious threats we face, and the President Trump the need to strengthen our networks, and this administration is doing everything in its power to prevent actors and bad of shopping to the electronic infrastructure of life we have”.

The report’s five goals and complementary will improve the flexibility of the ecosystem is to determine a clear path towards market technology, biodegradable, sustainable and secure, strengthen innovation infrastructure to dynamic with advanced threats, and promote innovation to prevent, detect and mitigate bad behavior on the network, and build alliances between security and infrastructure groups, operational technology locally and all around the world, increasing awareness and education across the ecosystem.

The report also pointed out that there should be market incentives more effective, as it seems they do not currently correspond with the objective of the Executive Order, represented by the significantly of the threats perpetrated by automated attacks and range, the study said the product developers, manufacturers, and sellers motivated to minimize the cost and time required for marketing, instead of building securely, or to provide updates effective security, and the reorganization of the market incentives so as to promote the best balance between security and convenience when developing products.

The United States of America, the Alliance attacks the bot net

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