The United States of America is planning to offer investment of China in US technology companies

USA VS China 2

May be American companies that possess the ” technologies of Industry ” soon outside the scope of the deal, the acquisition of Chinese, due to the leadership of the Ministry of Treasury drafted the restrictions that would prevent Chinese companies which is 25 percent of the ownership of a tray of the acquisition of such companies. Have received similar comments from a government official Unnamed in the report published by the Wall Street Journal also.

Reports news agency Reuters that the U.S. Treasury Department works to prevent companies which is 25% of which is at least King of the Chinese from taking over American companies that Own the ” technologies of Industry “. There is no clarity yet on what constitutes ” technologies important to industry. “

It is expected that the announcement of these restrictions later this week and is likely to change the percentage of ownership of Chinese before that. If the imposition of this step, you will be affected by China’s plans to upgrade its capabilities in advanced information technology, Marine Engineering, Medicine and other industries of advanced technology.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal America in its report that the U.S. Commerce Department and the National Security Council has proposed to improve the export laws because they want to prevent charging of these technologies to China. The report added that these restrictions may not focus only on the new pages may not include the old pages, except that the barrier planned investment will not distinguish between Chinese private enterprises and companies owned by the Chinese government.


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