The United States might reduce the penalty for Huawei temporarily to complete their existing projects

الولايات المتحدة ربما تخفف عقوبة هواوي مؤقتًا لإنجاز مشاريعها القائمة

Said the spokesman of the US Department of Commerce , told Reuters that the US government administration of President Donald Trump may reduce the penalties imposed on the Huawei after banning them to work in the country until you can complete existing projects and work on them for a long time.

Huawei has been engaged in the development of trafficking networks in many regions in the United States, but the decision to ban her from working in the country will significantly affect the operations of the development, which will be no government differently, to allow the completion of projects so as not to cause its failure.

But according to the spokesman, the government may allow for the completion of it in the areas of rural or sparsely populated and in large cities because of what it says threatens its security.

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