The United States is warning of weaponization of UAVs

Issued a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this week issued a warning to owners of unmanned aircraft and the people that put a dangerous weapon on a drone could lead to the imposition of a fine of up to $ 25 thousand dollars.

And the government agency that users know that the unmanned aircraft and weapons pose a dangerous mix, so it has sent a notice to warn the public that it is illegal to operate a drone with a dangerous weapon facility.

Known dangerous behavior is widely defined as any item used or easily seep in causing, death or serious bodily injury.

He said the Federal Aviation Administration: you may have seen pictures and videos online drones equipped with guns and bombs and fireworks, flamethrowers and other dangerous things, but you should not consider linking any elements like this drone because a drone with such things may lead to significant damage to your person and your account bank.

Remember the agency Friday in a notice that the operation of an unmanned aircraft carrying a dangerous weapon in violation of Article 363 of the code to re-authorize the Federal Aviation Administration for 2018.

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May cause violation to fines of up to $ 25 thousand dollars for each violation, unless the drone operator has received specific authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration for the operation.

Adds Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that states laws and federal laws that restrict the use of weapons can also apply to these flights, the dangerous drone.

There is growing use of drones between business groups, such as the Amazon; and (Wing) a subsidiary of the.

While the Ministry of transport, Federal Aviation Administration, with partners from the public and private sectors such as (AT&T) and local police in some areas as part of the pilot programme of the integrated system for unmanned aircraft (UAS).

Acknowledged legislators in the state of North Dakota law in 2015 to legalize the use of non-lethal weapons on aircraft in the company.

While a lesson to the lawmakers in Connecticut a bill in 2017 to legalize the use of lethal force with drones by law enforcement.

Has increased recent incidents of this type of aircraft, the risk of Public Safety, the presence of drones near the flight paths or airports to the closure of airports in London, Newark and Dubai in the past year.

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