The United States imports the top supercomputers

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Regained the United States for the first time since 2012 the lead of China in relation to the fastest supercomputers in the world through the case of the giant Summit, where the company revealed IBM laboratory Oak Ridge National knowledge test on behalf of the ORNL of the U.S. Department of energy about the incident labeled the Summit, which is the latest a supercomputer belonging to the Ministry of energy, the so called IBM that this case is a giant computer the smartest and most powerful in the world.

Scored Summit exceptional ability reached 200 petaflops, or 200 thousand trillion calculations per second, making it the fastest a supercomputer at the current time is superior to computer Sunway TaihuLight source by the research center of the Chinese National Engineering computers, parallel technology NRCPC and found in the National Center for the way high-tech city in Wuxi, China, which owns capacity of 125 beep.

Explains the need of the new Summit capacity exceed the capacity of the fastest supercomputers in the United States is now the Titan Cray XK7 by between 5 to 10 times, so the Titan is faster a supercomputer in a lab Oak Ridge National Department of energy in the United States, knowing that it offers a processing capacity of up to 17.6 petaflops.

And capabilities of this case, which has been in development and for several years, to put it in the top of the list of rankings for computer giant “Super computer” Top 500, a report of the work on the classification of the most powerful supercomputers in the world on the basis of the standard to save you Linpack is being issued twice a year.

Includes computer Summit up to 4608 Server computer, each equipped with Dual SIM model IBM Power9, so that includes every slice of this slide 22 core processing, with 6 processing units graphics Nvidia Tesla V100 per server, and 10 petabytes of RAM, due to the presence of GPUs from Nvidia to Nvidia, it is not surprising that this is used the need for automation and the applications of deep learning, as well as a professional computer a high the usual capacity related to research, energy and advanced materials science, nuclear.

The IBM developer base for this case, where he collaborated with Nvidia and RedHat and Mellanox specialists in networks and InfiniBand to offer this new ruling, says Jeff Nichols Jeff Nichols, Director of the Laboratory of Computer Science and computing at ORNL: “the gear is advanced under Computer Summit researchers a great platform to improve big data sets and create intelligent programs to accelerate the pace of discovery.”

Pointed out all of Rick Perry’s Rick Perry, and U.S. Energy Secretary bill Halsey do Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee and Thomas Sacher malaria Thomas Zacharia, the laboratory Director Oak Ridge National about how to benefit both science and society need new giant, as has Summit power on the computer, 30 years of data saved on the computer in my office in one hour.

The United States owns a long history in the field of computing is evolving, but China managed to negotiate several times in recent years, where the proud of China now edges installed giant the world’s fastest Sunway TaihuLight and Tianhe-2, coupled with the availability of computer Piz Daint-Swiss tried Gyoukou Japan, knowing that China is currently working on the development of the computer giant’s new name Tianhe-3, which is supposed to be unveiled through 2020, with the provided computing power reaches the exaflop, or a thousand petaflops.

It should be noted that the computer Summit, the latest devices of the next generation of supercomputers that IBM operates to develop for the U.S. Department of energy, as there is another computer called the Sierra, which will be within the laboratory Lawrence Livermore National, is scheduled to be unveiled this situation during the current year, with the capacity of computing up to 125 beep, but both systems are much more powerful than any computer giant is available at the current time the Ministry of energy.

The United States imports the top supercomputers

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