The United States government proposes to use social media to monitor the crooks to the deficit

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Social media is a place where we publish, where we share a lot of things, such as the current status, photos, events, and more. Sometimes, we end up watching things that give information about more than we would like, it seems that the US government hopes to take advantage of this by using social media to catch people who they need on their disability.

This according to a report published by the New York Times, which says that the White House is working on the Social Security Administration to develop a new law allows to monitor social media. This in turn will help in taking strict action against cases of fraud in relation to disability, where May PEOPLE photo or share information that they claim disability even though they are not.

While we assume that logical to say someone who serves the government share a photo of yourself on social media and is in good condition, however some argue that this is not the most accurate way to catch the scammers. During his interview with the website Engadget, warned a large lawyer team at the EFF, Mr. Adam Schwartz of the photo to be uploaded on social media may not represent the present or current health status of the people.

According to Mr. Adam Schwartz, has stated by saying : ” People old pictures of themselves on social media. So when someone shares with us a picture of yourself doing something should not be done by a disabled person, it is not necessarily evidence of fraud on the system of government support for the disabled “. Chairwoman of the Union of Citizens for with disabilities the same newspaper The Times that she said : ” Just because someone posted a picture of him golfing or on a fishing trip in February 2019 does not mean that the activity has happened in the year 2019 “.

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