The United States announces more sanctions on piracy Russian

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Approved by the U.S. government on Monday sanctions on five Russian companies and three nationals Ross said that they helped the Federal Security Service, the Russian, who says the administration of US President Donald Trump, he’s waging cyber attacks against the United States and threatened the infrastructure of the internet, in a statement, said Treasury Minister Stephen menno live Steven Mnuchin, the sanctions are part of ongoing efforts to address the hackers of foreigners who are working together with the Russian army and intelligence services, threatening the safety and security of the United States and its allies.

The Associated Press reported that the sanctions were in response to an attack NotPetya in the past year, as well as the storming of the power grid of the United States and the infrastructure of the global network, the report says that the United States also discovered the efforts of Ross to track undersea cables that provide Internet connections to the world.

Treasury Department said it imposed sanctions on Russian companies and Russian businessmen under the legislation passed last year ordered the Executive to punish attempts to penetrate the computer systems of America, so that it deliberately sanctions to freeze any assets belonging to the defendants in jurisdictions in America, with preventing Americans from dealing with them.

Has long worried Intelligence officials of America the possibility of attacking the Russian submarine cables under the sea, prompting them to track The Russian ships for years along the roads in the North Sea and even near the east coast of the United States.

He explained US Treasury Secretary Stephen menno armies in a statement that the United States engaged in sustained efforts to confront the malicious operating by Order of the Russian Federation and its military and intelligence to increase the capacity of the Russian offensive, so that the targeted sanctions to entities that directly contributed to the improvement of cyber capabilities in Russia.

According to The Associated Press, the company that was imposing new sanctions against them include “digital security” Digital Security which it owns offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg in addition to the two affiliates ERPScan fact based at its headquarters in Palo Alto and Embedi actually based in Berkeley, which has offices in Russia, Europe, Israel and the Kvant scientific research, based in Moscow and Divetechnoservices of St. Petersburg that provided material support and technology for the Russian Federal Security or the FSB the successor device to the KGB.

Recall that the company Embedi have managed to discover a lot of vulnerabilities in products of Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and other companies, but are owned by the Russian worked with the FSB to exploit gaps similar actively.

While the three men are Alexander loves Tripp Aleksandr Lvovich Tribun Oleg Sergeyevich search Oleg Sergeyevich Chirikov Vladimir jakovljevic case Vladimir Yakovlevich Kaganskiy, all of whom are working in Divetechnoservices, says they have provided the agencies Russian equipment, underwater systems and diving, including diver of the government agencies of the Russian.

It should be noted by the administration of former US President Barack Obama to impose sanctions on Russia in late 2016 because of being accused of manipulating the US presidential election, with the expulsion of 35 Russian citizens from the United States, also targeted sanctions four of the senior officers in the Agency, Russian military intelligence known as the GRU.

The United States announces more sanctions on piracy Russian

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