The United States allow the phones using satellites Galileo

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الولايات المتحدة تسمح للهواتف باستخدام سواتل غاليليو

Paved the United States of America the way to improve the accuracy of the geographical location andGlobal Positioning System GPS, as approved by the Federal Communications Commission FCC on request of the European Commission allows for phones American access to the European version of the system is the global satellite navigation system GNSS, known as Galileo Galileo, and this allows consumer devices non-federal access to version GPS European Union, where it is available globally, and officially released in 2016, the After seventeen years of research disbursement of more than $ 11 million to develop the legal system of the European GPS.

The consumer devices sold in the United States has so far adopted on inaccurate data from the satellites of the American GPS made satellites GLONASS GLONASS, the Russian in respect of the services to location tracking, but that’s about to change for the better, as the voice of the Federal Communications Commission to allow consumers in the United States of America access to more accurate data through the satellites of the Galileo European Commission, which leads to improve the location accuracy, in some cases, up to a distance of 0.9 m when compared with the distances of the former amounting to between 3 and 4.5 meters.

And U.S. officials always grant civilians access to the best data site available, with respect to the smallest information satellite agencies, military and intelligence, but technological innovations, such as smart phones everywhere and vehicles are fitted with maps, have led to increased consumer demand for better data.

The European Union has established the Galileo system Galileo as an excellent alternative system of global positioning GPS and GLONASS GLONASS and is Galileo civilian accuracy up to one meter, while maintaining accuracy up to 1 centimeter for military purposes, is currently being built network of satellites Galileo in stages, is scheduled to enter the next set of satellite-phase Service in 2019.

And the Federal Communications Commission to consumers in the United States access to two of the references to Galileo, E1 and E5, which are operable with the Global Positioning System GPS, which is improving the accuracy and reliability of the site, including within the borders of the United States of America, to remain the second signal from Galileo, E6, out of service due to incompatibility with other services in the United States.

He said the Federal Communications Commission in a statement: “I think consumers and industry in the United States on the GPS US support GPS services, navigation and timing satellite since the emergence of the first device is a consumer mobile deal with a Global Positioning System GPS in 1989, and now the system us able to socialize with the European system, paving the way to improve the reliability, scope and accuracy are better”.

Requires devices American Software updates to get to the Galileo, where they were providing smartphones that start from iPhone iPhone 6s from Apple and Pixel 2 from Google and Galaxy S8 Samsung devices necessary to meet the signals of Galileo, but it was forbidden by American laws to combat the trade, which prohibit the devices to the floor of the satellite connectivity of the foreign, and Apple Watch smart of the third generation of the Apple Watch Series 3 and the number of hours Garmin Garmin smart capable of receiving signals of Galileo.

Said the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai Ajit Pai: “this achievement serves public interest in many areas of our economy, including the industries of automotive, aviation, rail, marine, agriculture, it will also benefits public safety by reducing the risk of accidents and disasters, and assistance in emergency response, and synchronize power grids and critical infrastructure”.

The gate Arab News Technical the United States allow the phones using satellites Galileo

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