The U.S. Department of justice is accusing China of standing behind the breakthroughs US technology companies

وزارة العدل الأمريكية تتهم الصين بالوقوف خلف اختراقات الشركات التقنية الأمريكية

The face of the US Justice Department on Thursday indicted the Ministry of national security the Chinese being responsible directly for cleaning sets business that you hacked into American companies for technical, industrial, in addition to its responsibility for the theft of information from sections of the official government in the United States, where the court said that the kidnappers belonged to a group linked to several security companies Chinese is stationed in Beijing and is known as the APT10.

Did not mention the names of companies and institutions of America, which has suffered a series of attacks the Chinese only the center of the word and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL affiliate to American space agency NASA; while the shown list to the kidnappers who have stolen hundreds of Hungry of information and sensitive data that compensate for wide technology, including space technology and satellite lines of manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry and the mechanism of oil and gas exploration as well as for communication and break through the manufacturers of the processors and of the freedom of navigation, according to Reuters, hp and IBM were among the companies targeted.

Reported regulation is that the stolen information included the personal information of 100,000 members of the United States Navy as information on their ID cards and email salary details and Social Security numbers, as indicated by the regulation of the use of hacker software the malicious built-in the WordPress files for the purpose of access for the targeted computers and steal data as well as the cultivation of spy software and Accounts Staff of stealing their passwords.

Supported many of the European states move us and direct indictment directly to the institution of security of Chinese responsibility for the operations of piracy, where many suffered from the events of piracy electronic similar and headed to China’s complaints about her standing behind her was the last flying constantly, but without a formal indictment, as in the case of America, I didn’t look Chinese any comment on the indictment against him for a moment.

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