The Type Of Digest. Xiaomi Mi A3, Musk will buy all Tesla, Telegram hacked and stuff

All the good Sunday night. As usual, your attention digest missed a week of news in the shortest possible presentation. Waiting for your comments and suggestions on the format. Go.

  • The news does not apply to IT, but I found it interesting. China to build the world’s longest underwater tunnel. Its length is 135 km and will connect mainland China and Taiwan. The diameter of the tunnel will be 10 m and it is intended to be solely for rail. For comparison, the tunnel under the English channel has a length of 51 km, but only 37 km is under water. How much will cost this project, scary to even imagine. The expense is definitely going to dozens or even hundreds of billions of dollars. Preliminary plans to complete the project in 2030.

  • Smart speakers Amazon has mode Away Mode in which the device in your absence will play recordings of conversations involving several people. It is supposed to help scare away burglars. Reminded me of “home Alone”. I also have some free advice for Amazon. Let him add to the function periodic switching on and off lights in different rooms, TV’s and so on.

  • According to the source, in the photo you can see the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8X. Mi 6X was submitted in April, so before the release of its successor, I think is still far. But Xiaomi will not necessarily wait a year. Same for us with you it is interesting that Mi 8X will eventually turn into Mi A3. Although only left Mi A2 and wait for clearly a very long time, quite possibly, you now see in the photo this model. Yes, the basis is Snapdragon 710.

  • Meizu has officially confirmed that the smartphone Meizu 16X, which used to be called Meizu 8X, will be released in September. He will surely get Snapdragon 710 and, most likely, bangs. The price is not reported, but given the price tag of the range Meizu 16, think start will be somewhere between 250-300 dollars, but there are rumors about 220. That would have the camera like in the 16th, but this is unlikely.


  • Samsung has started the release of SSD up to 4 TB, which are based on new memory 4-bit V-NAND. While neither the price nor the name nor the date of start of sales.
  • And this is supposedly GoPro Hero7 Black. But this is not accurate.

  • HTC all bad. In July, the company got the worst in 15 years revenue. And the quarter as a whole also ended bad. Sad.
  • Elon Musk said that Tesla may become a private company. For this Mask will need to buy all the shares of approximately 71 billion dollars. Investors and regulators have already raised to high, because I believe that Musk can simply manipulate the stock price.
  • September 10, Qualcomm will present a new platform for smart watches. Barely three years.. and no, passed. I hope she’ll be 10 nm, but it is unlikely.
  • Complete with a new Google Pixel smartphone will be supplied headphones, adaptor to minijack adapter to USB A. And Pixel 3 XL supposedly will get a screen 6.7 inch, not a 6.2 as previously thought.

  • Xiaomi introduced a gaming mechanical keyboard for only 35 bucks. There are lights, switches, TTC and metal body.

  • Acer will provide all the game area in a separate company. Yet she has no name, but soon expect to market a new brand.
  • The payment system Apple Pay uses 250 million. 85% of them are not Americans.
  • Specialists from the Russian research Center of legitimacy and political protest allegedly found in the Telegram a hole through which can only your nickname to identify your phone. But something the film is silent, so maybe it’s just stuffing.
  • Funny, but Samsung Galaxy Note9 was the most affordable on the market smartphone with 512 GB of flash memory. This version of the new car worth 1250 dollars. For comparison, Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design is worth 2,500 bucks, Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition — $ 1500, and Smartisan R1 — 1400 green.

  • HTC joined others in declaring what devices it will update to Android Pie. These will be U12+, U11+, U11 and U11 life. The timing here is not called.
  • Samsung plans to sell 12 million Galaxy Note9. For comparison, the Note8 has sold 10 million

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