The Type Of Digest. The world’s first 5G-tweet, the first 8K video from space, the world’s tallest statue and the large-scale unboxing

This great Sunday night offer you, as always, to read the news that were not included in our main line last week, but still quite interesting and important. Drove.

IBM bought Red Hat for $ 34 billion. If I am not mistaken, first is the biggest deal IBM, secondly, it is the largest transaction in the IT market this year.

Radeon RX 590 will definitely be. Already have and image, and the first tests. Now it is reported that announce new November 15, and the price will be about $ 300.

Executive Director of OnePlus Pete Lau has recently published the world’s first 5G-tweet. Well congratulations, what’s really there.

Trade war the US and China may soon take a step further. As reported, if after the next meeting of the heads of these States will not be reached any sort of agreement, the United States will distribute the tax fee generally on all goods imported from China. That is, the more expensive everything is made in China for American companies. For example, the technology Apple.

Nintendo in its semiannual report said that he had already sold 22,86 million consoles Switch. This, incidentally, more than all the sales of GameCube consoles. Games for the switches were sold 111.1 million copies, that is, on average, each console owner buys 5 games.

As you know, now on the market there is a shortage of Intel processors, which we recently wrote, conditionally to blame Apple. Against this background, Intel is going to not only expand production capacity but also may have to share their CPU to outsourcing. Previously it was reported that the release of AMD 300-series for Intel can deal with TSMC. Now it is reported that the company may soon begin producing the “atomic” processors from Intel.

Apple MacBook Pro will soon be updated with new graphics. For older versions of the tag once in the current month will be available adapters Radeon Pro Radeon Vega 16 and Vega Pro 20. Both cards will have 4 GB of memory HBM2. First get a 1024 stream processors, and the second — 1280. If it was laptops with Windows, I would say that it is quite slot adapters, albeit not top class, but in the case of macOS, the new-comer obviously useful not primarily for gaming. How much will need to pay extra for such models is unclear.

On the Apple website appeared a external graphics card eGPU Blackmagic Pro worth $ 1200. Inside Radeon RX Vega 56. There is also a wide range of ports.

And this Tundra PIE Pro — robotic pizzeria on wheels, created on the basis of the Toyota Tundra SR5. Moreover equipped with a hydrogen plant. However, only a concept, but entertaining.

Kepler space telescope has finally run out of fuel and stopped working. In less than 10 years this unit had a lot to give our science. He found exoplanets — planets around other stars. And he found these few thousand, of which over 2500 were eventually confirmed.

And a couple of days ago ran out of fuel the apparatus and Dawn, who researched the dwarf planet Ceres and the asteroid Vesta. He has served the people for 11 years, allowing to better understand the early evolution of our solar system.

In India we finished building the Statue of Unity — tallest statue in the world. This monument together with the pedestal rises above the earth at 240 meters! For comparison, the Statue of Liberty has a height of 93 meters. The statue is a monument of Vallabhbhai Patel that was iconic statesman of India.

And here is a cool case In Win 307. It was shown at Computex, but the manufacturer it appeared only now. Front of it is screen out of 144 LEDs that can display images and animations. Price — about $ 350.

SoC Snapdragon 8150, which was previously called Snapdragon 855, lit up in Geekbench. Gaining 3200 in odnopolie and 10,000 in megapolice. Much more than Snap 845, approximately at the level of Kirin 980, but less than A12 Bionic.

The percent of Intel found a new vulnerability called PortSmash. Yet confirmed its presence only in CPU generations Skylake and Kaby Lake. This is becoming quite amusing.

Have Huawei Mate Pro 20 problems with the screens. They turn green. They say that only applies to LG screens, but the panel BOE supposedly normal. Write that Huawei has already started to change such instances.

In the Intel documents I found a mention eight-core desktop processors with a TDP of 35 watts! Given the voracity Core i9-9900K, it will be interesting to look at these CPU.

And here is the first video of the 8K space. Filmed on the ISS using Red Helium 8K.

Sony from November 21 will start selling the PlayStation 4 console Pro drive 2 TB. In Japan it will cost $ 400. About the other markets yet quiet.

Well, we’ll end this useless digest the news that OnePlus was in the Guinness Book of records by staging the mass unboxing. At the same time their smartphones unwrapped 559 people. Yay!

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