The Type Of Digest. The failure of the iPhone XR, reincarnation, Nokia E90, noads glasses, OnePlus 7 5G without a toilet bill gates

This is already quite frosty autumn evening when you all have probably graduated to fill their baskets for Ali in honor of the sale, I suggest you finish the day with a selection of different amusing news, which were not included this week in the main ribbon.

  • And I want to begin with news that the technique is not relevant, but important to me. Today it became known that Microsoft bought the Studio Obsidian and inXile. Those who do not know what this Studio can probably read next, and for the rest, I note that Microsoft studios has promised independence. Then there are teams that know how to create a masterpiece RPG, finally lost their funding problems, but allegedly will continue to be Autonomous. Yes, Microsoft knows how to screw up that buys, but in this case, there is reason to hope for the best. Still, Microsoft is beneficial to have these titans to create a truly great game, which then will be possible to make exclusives for their gaming platforms.
  • And now to technology. Samsung Galaxy Note9 soon should appear in white. He goes.

  • Apple has supposedly canceled a scheduled increase in the volume of production iPhone XR. He allegedly sold worse than expected by the company. No wonder Apple will not provide in the financial statements sales of smartphones. I think soon they will begin to decline.
  • After a long period of rise in the price of DRAM started to decline. Contract prices for the quarter decreased by 10%, and the decline will continue. Now we already have a very cheap SSD, and next year maybe get a cheap suhu.
  • Fitbit, once the market leader in wearable electronics, returned to growth. In the third quarter of Fitbit took 16% of the smartwatch market, having increased their sales in annual terms by 4.5 times! It’s all thanks to the Versa model.

  • On Indiegogo, successfully raising money for the Cosmo Communicator — this is a successor of the Nokia E90. Already collected 660 000 dollars — three times more need. Here the form-factor side of the clamshell, QWERTY keyboard, internal screen is six inches, 2 inches, camera 5 and 24 MP, SoC MediaTek Helio P70, 6/128 GB of memory and BATT 4220 mAh. How do you such a thing?

  • And is Nokia 9. Now OnLeaks, so almost officially. The screen to 5.9 inches without bangs, Snapdragon 845, 8/128 GB of memory and BATT 4150 mAh. Hope the rumors that the camera will be done on the principle of the camera Light will be truthful. To announce needs in the first half of February.

  • Oppo have some cool fast charging VOOC SuperCool and super-fast — Super VOOC. While it is available only on a couple of models from Oppo, but now you’ve got the external battery with its support. With high capacity of 10,000 mAh, it can charge up to 40% in 10 minutes, if you use a charger with support for VOOC Super. The price has not yet named.

  • And this interesting project on Kickstarter — glasses with protection from advertising. The chip in a special polarization coating, which reflects light from the displays. In the end, you simply don’t see all this outdoor advertising. True, and your phone can not use. Tchotchke is worth $ 50.

  • When Samsung showed a new One UI shell, the company allegedly stated that last year’s flagships won’t get it. But it was a mistake. Still going to get it. Note8 is tested.
  • But it is a leading Chinese news Agency Xinhua. If you have something embarrassing in his view, this is no accident. Before you not people. This is a digital copy of the actual leading on the basis of artificial intelligence. Judging by the picture, at its creation were used including videos with leading live, painfully clothes and hair live. Scary, but this is the future. Though, because this facilitator is unnecessary to pay salaries.

  • Bill gates brought to the Chinese event, a bowl and a jar of poop. And this is no joke. He really brought the toilet. Only super cool, it does not require sewer. He shares our… waste, and saves them in some form. I think something like briquettes. For its development it has been spent 200 million dollars from the gates Foundation. Moreover, he assured that he is willing to spend as much again to these toilets began to take over the world. About banks with poop. It really was. Apparently, in order to increase the impact of the story of the trillions of cells of rotavirus in this here jar of our excrement. But seriously — well done bill, that must be developed.

  • Huawei has just released its new SoC Kirin 980, as is already preparing to roll out Kirin 990. This platform will be released in early 2019 and will receive modem 5G. I guess, technically, is very close to Kirin 980, but will a new modem. P30 and P30 Plus will clearly get it. But this is not accurate.
  • And this Eurocom Tornado F7W — a laptop that can be crammed into 20,000 dollars or even more. The Configurator on the website of the company is very flexible, but here and nout of the ordinary. This is a working station. There may be Core i9-9900K, 128 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro P5200 and five (!) SSD with a total volume of 22 TB!

  • Another problem Google pixel. It turned out that the company is unable to repair its own news. For Pixel 3 and 3 XL simply has no parts, except batteries. People complain that the service centers can’t even tell the approximate time of appearance of the parts. Honestly, it’s some kind of game. I like Google, but as it was punctured?

  • Huawei all-time has sold 4 billion smartphones. Four. Billion. I have all the.
  • Samsung may start producing processors for AMD. Representative of the latter said that seminomatous CPU Epyc Milan (the next generation), it is possible to produce not TSMC, and Samsung. But haven’t decided yet.
  • Radeon RX 590 will present on November 15. Now supposedly officially.
  • 7 OnePlus will not get 5G! Or rather, not so little. Recently the head of the company said that their next smartphone will receive 5G. Well all rushed to write that it will be OnePlus 7, as this seemed logical, because the company releases one model a year. However, it is not so. It became known today, that this is the unit that will receive and 5G will be released, expected at MWC 2019, will not be a successor to OnePlus 6T. That is, it will not be OnePlus 7. It will be a smartphone new line! And the successor to the OnePlus 6T, which probably will be called OnePlus 7, it just won’t get 5G. Why? Because OnePlus can’t keep the current price when adding support 5G. Simply put, the campaign is SoC Snapdragon 8150 will be much more expensive 845. And not to make OnePlus 7 immediately much more expensive than the OnePlus 6T, the company decided to form a new line. Her firstborn and get a 5G, this will be much more expensive than the current unit of the company. 7 and OnePlus, which will be released somewhere in the spring, the network of the fifth generation will not be supported, but will remain around current price level.

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