The type of digest. Microsoft has decided that she has little money, Intel has spare solder, a strange memory cards Huawei and cute Vector

In this autumn Sunday evening offer you a regular digest of missed, but still quite interesting news over the past week. Drove.

  • AMD will soon increase the performance of processors Ryzen Threadripper in games by Dynamic mode Local Mode. In short, you will need to install the program Ryzen Master, in which 29 Oct appears the same mode. The result can be seen from the diagram below, but, if I understand correctly, this is true only for models with nonuniform memory access (NUMA), that is, for Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX and 2970WX.

  • Samsung postpones the release date flexible smartphone back in 2019. Initially it was thought that it will be released in 2019, then allegedly promised at the end of this, now again in 2019. Supposedly in the beginning. And promise that the device will not just demonstrate technology. View.
  • Apple stopped selling the adapter, Lightning-to-30-pin connector. In fact, long overdue.

  • And this is really Google Pixel 3 XL. And, Yes, you know. But that’s exactly it.

  • Who’s shouting that the wheels have already sunk into Oblivion? Panasonic doesn’t think so. Its new laptops LV and SV, all of which are cool, light and modern, have got optical drives DVD or Blu-Ray option. Someone knows what is the Japanese fetish for discs?

  • Microsoft decided that, in an era when the clouds are getting cheaper, software becomes free and it’s quite a you can take, and raise prices on their products. Windows 10 Home rose by 40%, and Office 365 — 30%. Here is the lack of competition.
  • Remember the hype around the possible announcement of the smartphone Oppo with 10 GB of RAM? Forget. 10.10 in 10 hours did not Find a record with X amount of memory, and the model Oppo K1, which has a memory up to 6 GB. Overall, a good machine. There is a AMOLED screen, 6.4 inch, keyhole, Snap660, BATT 3500 mA·h and the scanner screen. And all this for 230 bucks in the minimum salary.

  • Recently Intel has introduced many new CPU, among whom were Core i9-9900K. Its recommended price is $ 488. But we all know what a mess was formed with the prices because of the shortage, when even the Core i7-8700K sell for 500 euros. In General, Core i9-9900K recommended for the money you can hardly buy. In Europe pre-orders are on average 650 euros, and there are more than 800 euros. Heartbreaking.

  • The company Hyundai introduced the car Nexo. It is interesting that it was a hydrogen car. In short, a range of 600 km, 161 BHP, acceleration to hundred in 9.5 with a length of 4.67 m. all modern assistants, but the prices yet.

  • From monstrous 28-core Intel Xeon W-3175X, which I recently reported, under the hood there is no solder. There’s a conventional thermal paste. I have all the.
  • Honor 8C — the potential bestseller-abouts. Does the HD+ 6.28 inches with a cutout Snap632 (it will be interesting to touch), 4 GB RAM, camera 13 and 2 megapixels and battery on 4000 mA·h Case, the campaign, plastic, but with imitation glass overflows on at least one of the colors. The price is 160 bucks.

  • Nubia Hipad — a gaming tablet that will soon hit the market. However, there is no 845 on etc large amount of memory. Then for some reason MediaTek Helio X27 and 3 GB of RAM. Not fake?

  • But it is alleged Xiaomi Black Shark 2. But this is not accurate.

  • I do not believe in these rumors, but I will. There infa that supposedly AMD is preparing the Radeon RX 590. Perhaps it will be just 580 Express-I translated on the GPU 30 Polaris from Polaris 20 will differ only in frequencies. Wait?
  • The Huawei Mate smartphone 20, according to numerous plums, will a memory card of a new format. NanoSD is called. This marvel on the SD Association website I found. Normal mention of it online either. This alludes to the fact that the format was created by Huawei, but damn why?? They say that the card is 128 GB will cost 50 euros.

  • And it’s just a very cute robot Vector Anki. This is the successor model of Cozmo, they are generally not easy to distinguish. Really one of the “live” robots that I have seen.

  • And here you have some renders of the new iPad Pro, which we review sparked heated debate. Do you like it?

  • Xiaomi, it seems, can prepare another “flagship for the poor.” Model called Xiaomi Mi 6S lit up in the Geekbench database. And she’s Snapdragon 835, which is unusual.

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