The Type Of Digest. HTC will not release the flagship in 2019, Vega in the MacBook Pro, the power of the Snapdragon 8150 and four-eyed Meizu Note 8 Plus

Good Sunday evening, in front of you, as always, the digest missed this week news still worthy of your attention. Well I think so. Drove.

  • Even before the announcement of the new iPhone, analysts as one screamed that the iPhone XR (then its name is not known) be the best-selling and generally expected supersprox. The campaign did not happen. Now, various insiders say that Apple did not, as intended, to increase orders for that model from their partners, and some even began to whisper that the iPhone XR for the year will be sold for 30 million less than was originally thought. Will be interesting to see.
  • A little about HTC. The company’s all bad. Revenue continues to fall, the losses will not go away. There were rumors that the smartphone U13 Plus next year will not. Instead, he will some mainstream bodies and “something else”. And do not understand what else. Scooter? Maybe the sofa? Personally, I’m sorry HTC, it makes the machines, but we don’t buy them.
  • AMD has stated that it will not support DirectX API Raytracing. Honestly, after it turned out that activating RayTracing in Battlefield V simply destroys even the RTX 2080 Ti, I think AMD does things rationally.
  • A little bit about the latest edition of the TOP500 list (the 500 most powerful supercomputers). The list is updated every six months. Interesting, I note two points. First — the list appeared first supercomputer based on ARM processors. The system includes 125 328 of cores in the CPU part of the Cavium ThunderX2. Performance — 1,5 PFLOPS, place — 205. The second list appeared first supercomputer based on the new AMD CPU EPYC. More precisely, on the basis of Chinese processors Hygon Dhyana, which are the official replicas EPYC 7501. Performance — 4,325 PFLOPS, position — 38.
  • Waymo in December will launch the world’s first commercial service unmanned taxi. While the project will cover only the Phoenix and its surroundings. How many cars will be involved, not reported.
  • Analysts expect that next year will be laptops with Windows 10 not only on the platforms Qualcomm, but for a SoC MediaTek, Samsung and Huawei. Competition — at always good.
  • Intel has released a compact device called the Compute Stick 2 Neural. This is a sort of computer format the flash drive, which allows you to create and work with neural networks. Simply put, the device to work with artificial intelligence. Within the machine learning processor Movidius Myriad X. the Price is $ 100.

  • The company Withings, which recently revived, has not yet produced a single truly new device, but has already managed to update two old. Was recently presented a model Steel HR Sport, and now announced Pulse HR — improved version of Pulse 2013. In the parameters it is a typical activity tracker, except that autonomy is not bad — up to 20 days.

  • Fresh rumors indicate that a shortage of Intel processors will continue at least until the middle of next year. However, if you look at the prices, some CPU is already almost back to recommended, though not all.
  • This year Asus has released two excellent and successful smartphone: ZenFone 5/ZenFone 5z and Max Pro M1. Now there infa about models of Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2. The unit reportedly received 660 Snapdragon, 4 GB RAM, 64/128 GB of flash memory, a triple main camera, and a six-inch screen Full HD+.
  • The MacBook Pro is now available with a brand new AMD Vega. However, this is true only for the most expensive version of tag. For Radeon Pro Radeon 16 relative to Vega Pro 560X will have to pay $ 250, and Radeon Pro Vega 20 — $ 350. But the performance increase is notable.
  • Honor prepares affordable version of the flagship Honor 10. Model Honor 10 Lite will get a screen Full HD+ 6.21 inches, Kirin 710, 4/6 GB of RAM, 64/128 GB of flash memory, BATT 3320 mAh and the camera on 13 and 2 MP. The camera is clearly worse than the original, so it is unclear why such a model when there is Honor 8X.

  • Snapdragon 8150 in AnTuTu gaining 360 000 points. If anyone is still interested after A12X with its more than 550 000.
  • Huawei wants to bring your voice assistant outside of China. This means that he must speak at least English. Considering that Huawei is actively conquering Europe, it is also possible the appearance of, for example, German. Although Russia and Ukraine Huawei Honor and very popular, so you can rely on the support of the Russian. But hardly right at the exit.
  • Next year in several countries should start to launch 5G network. Just will have smart phones with support of networks of the fifth generation. However, AT&T then casually warned that users did not expect from 5G in the first stage a miracle. Like, the first time this technology will not give any special preferences regarding 4G. Actually, the question is not even technology and the networks, and that the potential of 4G in most cases you will use 10-20 percent, and even most of the head.
  • But this campaign, Meizu Note 8 Plus. Yeah, he’s got four chambers in the block, like Mate 20 Pro.

  • Tesla is a simple and effective way solved the problem of limited opportunities for the delivery of their electric cars. She simply bought a few shipping companies. How much, Musk said.
  • In a time when smartphone for 150-200 dollars allows you to run any game (Yes, PUBG only on the minimum salary), hard to photograph and not worry about the autonomy and quality Samsung continues sometimes to save on matches. For example, fresh Galaxy J8, which in our country is sold for UAH 8000, devoid of the light sensor! But this is not news. The news is that Samsung is saving on matches, have now come up with a crutch, which allows this economy to get around. She added to smartphones without light sensor function, which is the sensor uses the front camera to regulate brightness of the screen. At the same J8 already released an update. Was it worth saving?
  • In early 2016, the head of the company Huawei said that it will be able to beat Apple in the smartphone market in just a couple of years and become a leader for five. Then it seemed a very bold statement. Two years have passed, and Huawei in second place, and Apple — on the third. According to an earlier plan to go out to the kings Huawei due sometime in 2021. But Huawei has revised its plans and now he thinks he’s going to do it in 2020. View.
  • And it TwentySeventeen Xiaomi Ultra-Thin quartz wrist watch for $ 25. But it is in campaign fundraising. They have aluminum casing, sapphire glass and a body thickness of only 5.5 mm.

  • Sony PlayStation 5 will be released in 2020? So says the chief editor of Kotaku. In particular, it is based on the fact that Sony will not be at E3 2019. And it will not be there because she had nothing to show except that she has already shown. And there is nothing to show because that probably makes no sense to begin to develop some new exclusives for PS4, as it is long. In General, this is consistent with earlier rumors, which claimed that the PS5 will be released in the 2020-2021 year. Oh, and I only the PS4 was going to take.
  • If someone else doesn’t believe that Nokia 9 will receive the five modules in the main camera, here’s pictures of the cover for this smartphone.

  • Windows 10 on ARM finally got application support ARM64. The SDK is already available for developers, so will soon appear and the first application. However, problems with low productivity platforms for this OS, this fact will not solve.

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