The trick in the rear camera and the secret hidden in the speaker to your phone

We will use here two things are amazing and the imagination of the two, the first by your phone camera whatever its specification, and the second thing is a very simple way you can double the score of the sound of your phone twice and say to him, this simple method are just a few clicks, not more.

App your camera phone

Camera phone we can identify any foreign body you can’t know, for example, found a h what you like or anything else, how could you see him and sometimes we see strange things and don’t know what their uses, so here to have this application called Image Recognizer, the image for this thing and then click on OK and the pressure on the follow-up of the then the application will process and scan the image directly.

The application Image Recognizer to recognize that area is Strange in the picture where he gives you his name and videos of him and pictures of him and subtitles and all offices about of articles, if you have your stereo didn’t recognize it , then export it and will tell your app what is this thing and gives you anything about that area in which his image, and the app also says five or six other functions are great too I’ll let you write them yourself when you experience the application .

I hope that you like the app which I consider to be one of the best apps of the camera useful in everyday life to grant him recognition feature on anything and get information .

To download the app
Image Recognizer

Special application speakers voice on the phone

Technique that we will use in order to strengthen the voice phone for people to have phones is weak, or suffer the give buttons to raise and lower the sound, in order to do this exercise you will need a very simple application named GOODEV if I wrote his name on the Play Store you’ll see a bunch of applications that look like him .

When you run the GOODEV which you’ll find a link to download it in the download , you won’t find the feature of zoom Boost by default.Where you must click on Settings and then activate the option afficher le contrôle du volume, and transmitted to the sound as the sound of your phone if your phone voice is very weak, put it on %100 and if I wanted to say to his little study, 60% as very adequate and don’t give him more of his strength.

After doing this process when you return to the app you’ll find that it added a partner to Boost for sound reinforcement the most .

You can now play any music and the patient raised or lowered .

To download the app

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