The trial version of WhatsApp brings improvements to put the image inside the image

Launched WhatsApp of buy Facebook put the picture inside picture (PiP) last year in the month of May on the application of its own iOS, and then brought this feature to the Android system in the month of December. However, it was PiP mode lacks some functionality with the Android system, as the videos within conversations. But, it seems that WhatsApp is working on the development of this situation through the latest demo version of the app.

With version 2.19.86 demo of WhatsApp for Android, the company is improving the status of the PiP so that it works similar to the way his work on the iPhone, which means that it will continue to run the videos in a small screen if you out of the conversation, or minimize the size of the screen or even move to another application.

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It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp is still testing this feature, they are not available for all Android users at the moment, but we hope to reach soon to everyone.

In addition, WhatsApp also adds a new feature with this demo version which will be running voice messages, cascading automatically.


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