The trial version of WhatsApp add tracking images to participate in the talks and more

نسخة تجريبية من واتس آب تضيف ميزة تتبع الصور المشتركة في المحادثات وأكثر

During the current month there were many women experimental to develop messaging first WhatsApp, as well as the launch of the update ready for everyone by days, which is a possibility for voice dialing or video easier than ever, and today there is a trial version a new version number WhatsApp 2.19.18, this time we see drastic changes in the “shared media” both in the individual chat or chat groups.

Where when the user is browsing a page in this section will see new options when you click on the menu button “three points”, namely the “Show in Chat” and “Set as” and “Rotate”, where the first option provides to know where to share this image or video selected in the chat, individual or collective.

The second option is the option of “recruitment” which frankly is not new but I got on important changes, where instead of individual options page is the “set as profile” and “use image set” and “use picture as background”, it has been simplified menu option one, where when you press it will show these options in the new list.

As for the second option which is the measure, instead of having two options namely “rotate left” or “measure right”, has become the choice of one user in all directions, finally there is a 21 emoji new in this beta version, and as usual, you can take advantage of them and the new options downloading the APK from here, with the expansion coming whether or not the official version.

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