The trading volume of Bitcoin has reached a historic high

Perhaps the rise of Bitcoin for a few tens of percent you not much impressed. However, this event hides a much more important record as of December 22, the trading volume of bitcoin has reached its historical maximum. With Bitcoin not have made so many deals even when he was at the peak of their popularity in December of last year.

A new record for traders

One of the first events noted by the user under the name Crypto Quantamental. On Tuesday he published a post with data on trade volumes for a Thursday — the day of hands passed 2 266 735 BTC or roughly 9.1 billion.

Recall that the previous record was set on 7 December 2017 — then the trading volume reached 1 972 040 BTC. The third “load” 6-Feb — 1 891 130 BTC.

It was the largest amount in the history of Bitcoin. Previous records are not even close with the new achievement.

It is noteworthy that such an achievement was realized not in the right time for the cryptocurrency. Although she grew up to $ 1,000 in just a few days, its price still remains below 35 percent November reading. Crypto Quantamental believes that between the high price and the trading volume there is no connection.

Thursday also happened the next recalculation complexity of the network of Bitcoin, which resulted in its decline of 7 percent. The miners now feel a little more comfortable, as their income increased.

Source: Bitcoinist

Have we reached bottom? Crypto Quantamental believes that it is too hasty not worth it. If it was a rollback or a complete trend change, we can only judge after the fact.

I would not say about the day until, until we reach $ 6,000. Many bears will not give up until $ 10,000. To understand, I’m NOT saying that we have reached the bottom.

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