The trader stole 5.4 BTC on Huobi. Exchange excuses

Chinese captainvalor recently made a statement against Huobi. According to him, due to the internal vulnerability of the site the user lost 5.4 BTCwhile the exchange disclaims any liability for the incident.

User forum 8btc surnamed Ding said that on 13 January his account was hacked and lost more than 140 thousand yuan. At that moment, he began to receive messages from the site about trying to set up two-factor authentication Google Authenticator to log in to your account. Although the trader claims that he never dealt with GA.

Ding tried to log in to your account on Huobi, but I couldn’t. In no time, he appealed in support of the exchange and reported the incident. He received a reply about the successful authentication exchange with a different IP address, the conversion of all altcoins 5.4 BTC and withdraw them from the exchange. Staff did not have time to freeze the account.

Who is to blame in this situation?

You are sure that in this case, the responsibility should be borne by the exchange, as weak security measures allowed hackers to steal the money. Ding also never lost a mobile phone and did not pass on suspicious links, phishing sort of excluded.

I just want to get their money back. I wouldn’t blame someone if he made a mistake. Exchange just can’t leave me alone when I stole the cryptocurrency.

However, Huobi has refused to compensate the losses. Staff stated that the exchange itself is safe, and its actions comply with the requirements of the regulator. According to experts of the exchange, Ding passed via phishing links. The user is advised to contact the police to initiate the investigation. Alas, the authorities did not pursue the incident and sent Ding back to Huobi.

At the moment, all that we found out, is a proposed Bitcoin address of the attacker (p1H2HJsPRFMnrUYZJjtnuiL6wmmz3f2Ngkv)where the money so far. More data look at cryptodata.

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